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Name unknown Name unknown
The mortician as he appears in the anime.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Possibly between 30 and 50
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Mortician
Affiliation The Barsburg Church
Two other morticians (formerly)
Manga Kapitel 13 (only appearance)
Anime Episode 14 (only appearance)
Japanese Unknown

The Mortician was a murderer that had fled to the Barsburg Church as he had said it was the only place criminals could find sanctuary. He was one of the three criminals entrusted with the job of monitoring the Church catacombs, but was left on his own after the other two fled following Aldo's death.


Physical appearance[]

The Mortician is a small man with a skinny build, pale skin, a square face with gold/brown eyes and a large mouth. His hair is a grey/brown colour, messy and cut neck-length.


He was seen wearing a white robe, with a light blue hood and a blue armband with Zaiphon writing on it. As he is a criminal, he wears criminal cuffs.


He appears to be a fearful and meek man, as when Frau questions him he is very submissive and wary around him. He can also be considered contrite and remorseful, as he commented that the Church is the only place that welcomes murderers like him.


They ran even though there's no other place for murderers like us to escape to.

—The mortician, to Frau.

All that is known about the Mortician is that he was a murderer who had fled to the Barsburg Church in order to seek sanctuary.

Manga synopsis[]

Aldo's death[]

Following Aldo's death, Frau travels to the catacombs to question the mortician on why he never reported Aldo's body as missing. There the mortician confesses he forgot to report it due to no one wanting to claim the body of a criminal.

He then tells Frau that the other two morticians had fled the Church fearing death themselves, which he condemns as foolish as the Church is the only place willing to accept a murderer. The mortician has not been seen again since, and his current status is unknown. He may have resumed his duties as a mortician after Frau finished questioning him.

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