ミカエル Mikaeru
Mikhail whilst possessing Teito.
Aliases Archangel Mikhail (official title)

Mikhail-sama (by Raphael , Labrador and Fea Kreuz Raggs)

Species God
Nationality Heaven
Gender Male
Age 1000+
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Possibly Raphael
Professional status
Occupation Archangel
Affiliation Heaven


Manga Kapitel 6
Anime Episode 7 (cameo)

Episode 8

Japanese Saiga Mitsuki

Mikhail (sometimes alternatively spelled as MichaelusMichael or Mikael) is a secondary protagonist in the 07-Ghost series and an archangel whose power can be accessed through a stone known as the Eye of Mikhail. Using Mikhail's power allows him to possess the body of his host, most recently Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs (also known as Teito Klein) and previously Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, using the Eye that is sealed inside the host's right hand.

Mikhail is one of two archangels in the series who are able to use an Eye to possess a host or vessel in the series, the other being Raphael, who currently possesses Ouka. In Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Mikhail is one of the Seven Archangels.

For a while after the events of Kapitel 89, the Eye of Mikhail was 'unresponsive' or 'broken', and temporarily ceased to function due to damage caused by Raphael, but Kapitel 99 revealed that the Eye resumed functioning normally after Verloren left, and Mikhail himself is still alive. After Teito went to Seele, Mikhail is implied to have remained in the human world as the Eye of Mikhail was seen in Mikage Celestine's mouth. Nothing else is known about Mikhail's eventual fate.


Mikhail is clearly based on the archangel in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The name 'Mikhail', (also known as 'Mikha'el', 'Michael' or 'Micheal'), is a given name that comes from the Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎, which is derived from the rhetorical question מי כאל (mi k'ʔel) meaning "Who is like God?", "Like unto God", "Who is like the Divine?".

'Mikhail' is the Russian form of the English name 'Michael'.


Physical appearanceEdit

  • Mikhail's expressions (when possessing Teito)
  • Mikhail's eyes when possessing Teito.
  • Mikhail's eyes glowing.
Mikhail, the archangel , is a youthful-looking man with a muscular build, many times the size of a normal human. He has long, wavy, light-coloured hair, and probably has red eyes. Considering that many other immortal beings in the series e.g. Verloren (Ayanami), Frau (Zehel) and Labrador (Profe) have pale skin, Mikhail may have pale skin. In the anime, Mikhail's eyes glow under certain light.

Being a god, his appearance does not show his true age, which is unknown.

When in possession of a vesselEdit

As shown with Teito, when Mikhail is in control of a vessel's body, he takes on the physical appearance of his vessel, and his vessel's irises become red, the same colour as the Eye of Mikhail, with slitted pupils like that of a cat or a snake.


Mikhail wears a long, loose white robe around his hips that exposes his upper body, and opera-length (ending just below the shoulders) gloves on both arms. He also wears a large bracelet engraved with the Barsburg cross on each wrist, as well as a similar looking visor and necklace. Being an angel, he has feathered wings, though they are pierced with cuffs at the joint where the humerus and ulna meet.[1]

In anime Episode 23, he is briefly shown wearing a Barsburg soldier's cap and uniform.


Mikhail is rather childish and impulsive. He often makes undignified faces when talking to the Ghosts, and blushes when expressing enthusiasm over something. However, this childlike behavior belies the extremely powerful, dangerous and at times malevolent god that he is. He has a mercurial and volatile disposition, sometimes unnerving even the Ghosts, but can be calm when the situation calls for it.

Most people find Mikhail fearsome. Even Hakuren and the ghosts are cautious around him. He has, at times, taken advantage of his ability to intimidate others. Despite being an angel, he can be quite rude and frequently uses swear words to get his point across.

You dare to question a god's authenticity? Fools.

—Mikhail to Frau and Castor, Kapitel 8/episode 10.

He is also very arrogant and head-strong, being undeterred by the danger of a situation and always believing he will be able to win. He takes pride in his status as a god, is greatly insulted when others underestimate him, and his pride often prevents him from accepting help in battle, regardless of whether he needs it.[2] Mikhail is usually very surprised when an opponent turns out to be stronger than he has expected. He can be quite confrontational and vengeful, and is very authoritative, speaking to enemies and allies alike with cold finality and choosing words that establish his dominance over them. He ostensibly considers it his right to give orders and expect them to be obeyed. As stated by the Former Assistant Archbishops, Mikhail hates to be ruled.

You humans want to die so badly...

—Mikhail to some scientists who experimented on Teito.

Mikhail is rather ruthless, and has little or no regard for human life. Some of the things he has said also indicate that he does not like or respect humans in general, although he makes an exception for Teito. However, he is not above expressing gratitude to humans when he thinks they deserve it.

Mikhail has great respect for beauty, and is biased in favour of those who possess it.[3] His love of Teito, even amongst other wielders, partly stems from the latter's beauty, and it could be argued that Profe is his favourite Ghost because its reincarnations have always been very beautiful.[4]

Despite his arrogance and apathy towards most beings apart from his master, though, Mikhail has occasionally shown a more considerate side. [5] He is loyal to and trusts his allies. [6]

It is implied that Mikhail is an alcoholic, or at least prone to irrational or reckless behaviour when under the influence. [7] Mikhail seems to be easily distracted when not fighting. His interactions with Mikage's reincarnation hint at a softer, animal-loving side of him.


Counterpart AngelEdit


Raphael is shown to be very respectful towards Mikhail, calling him "Mikhail-sama" and crying when Mikhail voiced displeasure with her, which implies that she greatly values Mikhail's opinion of her. The two archangels seem fond of each other, as Mikhail once said that he wanted to destroy Raphael,[8] but forgave Raphael after the latter overcame her brainwashing, and Raphael said that she was happy to see Mikhail in chapter 86. They have similarly bloodthirsty natures when it comes to avenging their masters.

As both of them are archangels and immortal beings, it is probable that they have known each other for very long. It is unknown if angels in the 07-Ghost universe regard each other as family. If so, Mikhail and Raphael can be considered relatives.


Teito KleinEdit

Mikhail : Don't run. The one who loves you the most is me.

Teito (extends a hand) : You come with me too.
Mikhail : Now , from here on, I'll walk with him.

—An exchange between Mikhail and Teito [9]

Mikhail's affection for Teito

Mikhail showing his appreciation of Teito.

Teito's body is what hosts the Eye of Mikhail . As such, Mikhail is able to take possession of Teito's body, as the Archangel's spirit lives within the Eye.

Mikhail is devoted to and greatly respects Teito , acknowledging him as his master. By Teito's own admission, it is revealed that Mikhail has been with him for ten years,[10] ever since he was a child. It is also revealed that Mikhail used to play with Teito when he was a child, and he has said it was he who protected Teito's mind when Teito was forced to kill or confronted with death when he was young.[11]

Mikhail developed true loyalty to Teito when Teito extended a hand to him and asked him to join him, instead of leaving him alone . Mikhail is also shown to be deeply moved when Teito thanks him for watching over him and supporting him the ten years they have been together, and hugs Teito tightly in response (Kapitel 82). Mikhail often constructs a heart out of the branch-like portrusions that extend from the Eye of Mikhail to portray his affection for Teito when either talking directly to him (Kapitel 82) or talking about him to other people (Kapitel 26).

Mikhail adores Teito and treats him with great respect and admiration, saying: "The one who loves you most is me", and is fiercely loyal to him. He compliments Teito's intelligence (Kapitel 83) and praises his beauty (Kapitel 8 and 26).

I will kill anything- all the things- that hurt you!

—Mikhail, Kapitel 24.

Mikhail is also very protective of Teito, as he will attack anyone who so much as threatens his master, and will do anything to protect Teito if it's in his power to do so. This was shown when he was very willing to kill Bastien for trying to kill Teito, rendered Haruse comatose for trying to separate the Eye from Teito, and kept Pandora's Box sealed within Teito's body. If it is not within Mikhail's power to protect Teito e.g. when the Eye of Mikhail and Teito were separated, Mikhail will do his best to use other means to ensure Teito's safety, as shown when he commanded Frau/Zehel to protect Teito during the Eye of Mikhail and Teito's separation. In Kapitel 79 , Mikhail accept to be brainwash after Ayanami reveals that Teito is wired to a machine that releases brainwaves that making Teito freaks out and feels uncomfortable .

Teito is deeply shocked when he realized that the Eye of Mikhail is broken and not responding in Kapitel 89 . According to Mikhail, this is due to the damage caused by Raphael , causing 'errors on all circuits'. Teito has shown that he also cares for Mikhail, as he asked Mikhail if he (Mikhail) is okay in Kapitel 90, and has thanked Mikhail for helping him during his days as a battle slave. In Kapitel 99 , the Eye of Mikhail is fixed when Ouka heals Teito, and Mikhail responds to Teito.

Weldeschtein Krom RaggsEdit

Unlike with Teito, Mikhail's relationship with Krom, who was the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail before Teito, has not been shown in much detail.  

Krom has been shown teaching Teito how to use the Eye of Mikhail, when Teito was a child. Krom handed the Eye to Teito to prevent Teito's soul from being devoured by Verloren. Having been a bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, Krom presumably knew Mikhail's personality and abilities. Mikhail has not commented on Krom's death. 

In Kapitel 92, it was shown in a flashback that when Mikhail saw Krom being executed, he briefly possessed Teito and tried to save Krom, but was unable to , implying that Mikhail may have some respect for Krom .

Seven GhostsEdit

Mikhail has known, and been allied with, the Seven Ghosts for a very long time, since the first generation of Seven Ghosts used the Eye of Mikhail to seal Verloren's body. His relationships with them vary widely-some find him likeable and respect him, a few neither like nor dislike him, and others have mixed feelings towards him . 

Zehel (Guido)Edit

Guido's relationship with Mikhail was rather similar to Frau's relationship with Mikhail . When meeting with the previous generation of Seven Ghosts during the Raggs War, Mikhail showed the most dislike to Guido.

Mikhail made no secret of his displeasure at Guido's teasing of Teito and calling Teito a brat. In response to Guido's making fun of Teito, Mikhail attacked Guido , but the attempt missed and hit Ea instead. Mikhail, swearing at Guido for familiarity towards his master, was pleaded with by Vertrag (Fea Kreuz Raggs) to stop making Teito say such inappropriate words . Later , both Mikhail and Guido eventually calmed down, and seemed indifferent towards each other by the end of the meeting. Despite this event, they worked together to protect and defend Teito.

Apart from the Raggs War meeting, no other interactions have been shown between them. 

Zehel (Frau) Edit

Mikhail : Zehel, right now Master is running out of power by himself. Protect him with all your powers in my place.

Frau : I would even if you didn't ask me to.

—An exchange between Mikhail and Frau


Mikhail with Zehel and another Ghost.

Mikhail and Frau seem to have mixed feelings towards each other. Due to their similar hotheaded personalities, they often argue with each other, sometimes even resorting to physical violence, name-calling and threats. [12] The drama CD 07-GHOST reveals that Mikhail also dislikes Frau's lording of height difference over Teito.

However, Mikhail also works closely with Frau to protect and defend Teito. In return, Frau trusts and relies on Mikhail to a certain extent, as shown in Kapitel 93 when he calls out to Mikhail to help Teito. Mikhail and Frau have been shown to get along fairly well on a few occasions. [13] Despite their strained relationship, Frau is the Ghost that Mikhail has the most interaction with, and when it comes to Teito, they are able to put their differences aside and cooperate, even if only temporarily. When Frau and Teito were separated in Hohburg Fortress, Mikhail made a point of checking Frau's condition to reassure Teito that Frau was unharmed.

At times, they do seem to have some genuine affection for each other. After fighting Mikhail in Hohburg Fortress, Frau half-jokingly said that Mikhail is "not cute at all", and both clearly enjoy teasing each other.

Profe (Labrador) Edit

As Mikhail is biased in favour of those who possess beauty, he tends to favour Profe over the other Ghosts, as reincarnations of Profe tend to be very beautiful. Mikhail seemed to have a good relationship with the previous reincarnation of Profe , Raggs War Profe . Both Labrador and his predecessor were quite indulgent towards Mikhail . Hakuren noted that out of the three main bishops, Labrador was the best at dealing with Mikhail.

In a drama CD track, Labrador was shown to be respectful towards Mikhail, calling him "Mikhail-sama''. However , Labrador was also somewhat wary of him , and makes some tea for the angel . He also attempting to convince the angel to hand over a bottle of vodka that he (Mikhail) had found in Frau's room.

Fest (Castor) Edit

Castor and Mikhail's relationship has not been shown in much details . Castor once called Frau a troublemaker for offending Mikhail, indicating that he may be wary of offending the archangel .

Castor is not afraid to call Mikhail out on something , as shown in Kapitel 8/episode 10 when Castor pointed out that to removing the promise collar from Teito's neck would require enlisting the military's help, and that it would be troublesome for Mikhail . In return, Mikhail did not become angry and instead took Castor's advice seriously , implying that he may have some respect for Castor .

However , Mikhail also mocked Castor for having to remain in the human world . Being one of the Seven Ghosts and therefore an immortal being, Castor has known Mikhail for a very long time .

Vertrag (Fea) Edit

Mikhail-sama, I'm begging you, please don't make Teito say such things.

—Kreuz to Mikhail when Mikhail cursed in Kapitel 68

Fea Kreuz was respectful towards Mikhail, addressing him as "Mikhail-sama''. Kreuz has also been shown teaching Teito how to use the Eye of Mikhail, in flashbacks and memories of Teito's childhood.

Once , when Mikhail was possessing Teito and used inappropriate words , Kreuz pleaded with him (Mikhail) not to make Teito say such things, but Mikhail ignored him.

Apart from their shared connection to Teito, Mikhail shows little interest in Kreuz, though the angel probably does respect Kreuz to some extent, since Kreuz is the beloved uncle of Teito, Mikhail's master.

Ea (Karu)Edit

Mikhail and Karu have only interacted a few times during the series. Once, an attack that Mikhail had intended to hit Zehel missed and hit Ea instead. However, Ea did not retaliate.

In Kapitel 86, Mikhail expressed displeasure at Karu's past abusive treatment of Teito, although Karu never truly had bad intentions towards Teito. It seems that Mikhail was aware of Karu's moving the original Ouka's soul into the current Ouka's body ten years ago, even before Karu said so himself.

Both of them being immortal beings, Mikhail and Karu have known each other for very long. Apart from that, little else is known about their relationship .

Landkarte (Katsuragi) Edit

Considering that Landkarte betrayed his duties and tried to harm Teito, it's likely that Mikhail dislikes him, although Landkarte has since repented.

Relikt (Lance) Edit

Of all the present-day Ghosts, Lance has the least interaction with Mikhail . Mikhail did not appear particularly interested in the previous reincarnation of Relikt , Raggs War Relikt and has not been shown interacting with Lance.

When infiltrating Hohburg Fortress, Lance's main concern was the Eye of Mikhail. However, he has on occasion not displayed most characters' usual reverence for the Eye, and spoke quite loudly about it in the Church until Castor forcibly silenced him. 

Other immortal beingsEdit

Verloren (Ayanami) Edit

So far, Mikhail and Verloren have had little direct interaction, but it is probable that Mikhail knows Verloren, as Mikhail is a heavenly being who has lived for very long, and obviously knows about Verloren's scythe and the existence of the Seven Ghosts. In Kapitel 68 , it is proved that Mikhail knows Verloren, as the angel spoke with the previous generation of Seven Ghosts about Verloren and Pandora's Box.

It is probable that Mikhail hates Verloren for causing Mikhail's beloved master , Teito physically and emotionally suffer in his (Verloren's) current reincarnation, Ayanami, and it is equally likely that Verloren hates the angel in return, as Mikhail seals Pandora's Box, Verloren's true body, through the Eye of Mikhail, and is allied with the Seven Ghosts, whom Verloren resents as they are 'just his replicas'. Ayanami refers to Mikhail as 'an unmanageable person' and 'that angel'. 

During the military's attempts to brainwash the archangel in Kapitel 79 , Ayanami successfully managed to brainwash after Ayanami reveals that Teito is wired to a machine that releases brainwaves that making Teito freaks out and feels uncomfortable . However, both Mikhail and Teito eventually managed to overcome the brainwashing when the sight of Frau resulted in the return of Teito's memories. 

Mikhail may have been one of the inhabitants of Heaven whom the Chief of Heaven spoke to about Verloren's defect in Kapitel 89. It is likely that Mikhail has known Verloren for a very long time, both of them being gods.

Verloren's Scythe Edit

Mikhail and Verloren's scythe have been shown interacting only twice. The first time, Mikhail protected Teito from the scythe when it wanted to devour Teito . The second time , when brainwashed Mikhail stabbed Frau at Ouka's birthday masquerade ball, the scythe protected Frau because it wanted to feast on Teito and Ouka.

When the scythe attacked Teito and Mikhail protected Teito, the scythe did not resist or complain when Mikhail forced it to retreat into Frau's arm, suggesting that it may hold some respect for Mikhail.

Their relationship is unclear, but considering that Mikhail dislikes Verloren, his (Mikhail's) dislike may extend to the scythe as well.

Chief of HeavenEdit

Being an archangel, it is probable that Mikhail knows the Chief of Heaven and is affiliated with him. Mikhail's relationship with the Chief of Heaven has not been shown , although it is likely that he is loyal to him . It is unknown if Mikhail resents the Chief for sending him to the human world.

Mikhail made a brief reference to the Chief of Heaven in Kapitel 86 , mentioning that Chief of Heaven was most likely sympathetic for Raphael's situation , due to the fact that Raphael had been brainwashed for 10 years. This could mean that he may know the Chief of Heaven on a personal level, or at least know him well enough to understand his feelings in certain situations.

Their personalities are slightly similar, as they share a fondness for beauty and a proud nature. This could indicate that the Chief made Mikhail a little like himself.


Mikhail has not been shown interacting with Eve so far, but it is likely that he knew her, considering that both of them are gods. Mikhail has never appeared in any of Eve's flashbacks; this could mean that he was not very close to her or at least did not spend a lot of time with her.

However, as Eve was the Chief's daughter, it is likely that Mikhail respected her enough to at least consider her his superior and he also fought against Verloren after he killed Eve along with Raphael and the Seven Ghosts, implying he cared enough to help avenge her death.

Residents of the human worldEdit

It must be wearisome to live with foolish humans and involve yourselves with them.Or could it be that you are trapped in the spiral of karma?

—Mikhail, mocking the Ghosts for having to remain in the human world.[14]

Mikhail is heavily implied to dislike humans in general, and describes them as 'foolish'. It is hinted that he would not remain in the human world if he had a choice, and he shows a rather callous disregard for human life, shown when he tried to kill Castor and Frau (when he thought they were humans) simply for annoying him. However, he apparently makes an exception for Teito, as Teito is his respected and beloved master.

Mikage Celestine Edit

Mikhail never spoke to Mikage's human form, but does display some fondness for Mikage's reincarnation. In manga Kapitel 8/anime episode 10, Mikhail smiled affectionately at Mikage's reincarnation and stroked his fur. It is likely that Mikhail knows about the events that led to Mikage's death and reincarnation, and values Mikage's positive influence on Teito. In the last chapter , Mikage's reincarnation briefly appears with the Eye of Mikhail in his mouth.

Hakuren OakEdit

Mikhail and Hakuren have only interacted a few times so far , but Mikhail has commented that Hakuren is someone who is very important to Teito, and that Hakuren's voice has the power to soothe Teito and Teito's heart cares about Hakuren.

Oh, you're that human who's dear to my master. You have my thanks.

—Mikhail, to Hakuren when he helped Teito.[15]

Mikhail once thanked Hakuren (anime episode 19/manga Kapitel 18) and Hakuren has sung a lullaby for Teito at Mikhail's request. Mikhail has commented that Hakuren is someone who is dear to Teito, and has stated that he likes Hakuren's honesty.


—Hakuren after seeing Mikhail fall asleep during a conversation between them.

Hakuren appeared unfazed the first time Mikhail spoke to him . However , it seems that Hakuren might be a little frightened, or at least wary, of Mikhail, as in a track on one of the drama CDs, he (Hakuren) served Mikhail desserts in an attempt to placate him, and was rather flustered while speaking to Mikhail, despite his (Hakuren's) usual calm and diplomatic nature. In the same drama CD track, Hakuren appeared to be afraid that Mikhail would kill him or destroy the world. Mikhail resents the fact that Hakuren once called Teito an elementary schooler, but forgave him for Teito's sake. Hakuren chided Mikhail after seeing him fall asleep during a conversation between them .

Roseamanelle Ouka BarsburgEdit

You must have something to say to Raphael's master, Roseamanelle.

—Said by Mikhail to Karu/Ea, Kapitel 86

Mikhail acknowledges Ouka as the master of his fellow archangel, Raphael, but his opinion of her is otherwise unclear. It seems that Mikhail was aware of Karu/Ea moving the original Ouka's soul into the current Ouka's body ten years ago, even before Karu/Ea himself said so, as shown in Kapitel 86.

Mikhail is one of the few characters in the series who refer to Ouka by her first name. Throughout the series, he never speaks directly to her and ostensibly prefers to speak to Raphael.

The Black HawksEdit

As the Black Hawks are Verloren/Ayanami's followers, and, like their leader, have done things to harm or inflict physical and/or emotional pain on Teito, it is likely that Mikhail dislikes them.

When the Black Hawks set out to capture the Eye of Mikhail and Haruse attempted to capture Teito and bring him back to the military by choking him, Mikhail did not hesitate to attack Haruse, resulting in Mikhail's light separating Haruse's soul from his (Haruse's) body and effectively rendering Haruse comatose.

Castor's DollsEdit

Although Mikhail has been shown interacting with Castor's dolls only once and rather briefly at that, the Sister dolls seem to like him, as one of them had no problem handing Mikage's reincarnation to him, and even smiled while doing so, displaying a friendly attitude towards Mikhail that contrasted with Frau's and Castor's unease around him.

Bastien Edit

Mikhail disliked Bastien and was willing to kill him for hurting Teito, but unwillingly relented when Teito asked him (Mikhail) not to harm Bastien. When Frau arrived to rescue Teito, Mikhail stood aside and watched as Frau killed Bastien.

Nanase Edit

Raphael: The retribution is far too lax for toying with my master.

Mikhail: Seriously, Raphael. I was thinking of allowing him to taste living hell for his deeds to my master.

—The two Archangels speaking about how quickly Nanase had died in Kapitel 86 page 08

Like Raphael, Mikhail hates Nanase for what he did to his (Mikhail's) master, Teito, referring to Nanase as 'that scum', and saying that he wanted to make Nanase 'taste living hell' for toying with Teito.

Abilities and AttributesEdit


Being an archangel, Mikhail has been alive for hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years.


Due to Teito wielding the Eye of Mikhail, Mikhail's spirit inhabits Teito's body. While normally lying dormant until called out, he has the ability to possess his host at any time.

Due to Mikhail and Teito sharing a mental link, Mikhail is acutely aware of Teito's thoughts and feelings and is able to base his decisions on them.[16] Even when not in direct control of Teito, Mikhail is still able to hear and see everything that is happening, as he shows knowledge of certain topics even when he was lying dormant at the time.[17] He is able to sense oncoming danger even when Teito is asleep or not looking,[18] and take control of Teito without his master's permission.

Being an archangel, Mikhail can speak the language of the gods. He is apparently able to speak human languages fluently as well. Like the other immortal beings in the series, Mikhail possesses knowledge of many spiritual matters, including Pandora's Box and Hell.


As an archangel, Mikhail is acknowledged as being extremely powerful in the series universe, to the extent that even Ayanami was shocked the first time he (Ayanami) witnessed Mikhail's power. He is able to seal Verloren's true body, Pandora's Box, with ease, through the Eye of Mikhail. He can also cause explosions large enough to be seen from a long distance away and form an Eye of God crater in the ground.

  • Mikhail's design.
His standard method of attack is to create and control branch-like portrusions that extend from the area surrounding the Eye of Mikhail on Teito's hand. They appear to have the same strength and durability as bone or blade.

Using these, he is able to attack by stabbing and slashing at opponents, and defend by using the branch protrusions to block attacks. He is also shown to be able to grow wings on his back, though he had difficulty in making full use of them when hindered by Wars.

He can wield combat Zaiphon, as well as restore life to dead things through the Eye of Mikhail. Whilst being able to restore life, he is also able to destroy it (how he does this is unknown, possibly illusions),[19] though it appears this applies only to human life.[20]

Mikhail has demonstrated that he is capable of fighting on par with Verloren's scythe.[21] He is implied to be even more powerful than the Seven Ghosts : he was shown to intimidate Frau and Castor with an illusion, the Ghosts appear wary of offending him for fear of what he can do in retaliation, Verloren's scythe did not resist when he forced it to retreat, whereas Frau struggled to restrain it; and he was able to seal Pandora's Box whereas the first generation of Seven Ghosts were unable to. Mikhail is hinted to be able to kill or at least injure the Seven Ghosts : when he stabbed Frau at Ouka's Groom Choosing ball, Frau implied that he (Frau) would have been harmed if Verloren's Scythe had not protected him, and Teito was surprised to see Frau unharmed after Mikhail's attack.

It is implied that when Teito was a combat slave, there were times when Mikhail killed for him. This suggests that at the very least, Mikhail is capable of fighting on par with Teito, who is a trained assassin. 

As shown with Raphael in Kapitel 86 , when Mikhail flicks someone's forehead, he is able to temporarily leave a small dent in the person's forehead, and smoke briefly issues out from the dent. This move seems designed to startle and admonish rather than seriously injure the recipient.


Considering that Mikhail's true form has wings, Mikhail may be able to fly when in his true form.


Mikhail appears to be able to create illusions powerful enough to intimidate even the Seven Ghosts (as shown in Kapitel 8 and anime episode 10). 


When fighting against Bastien, Mikhail was easily able to fend off Bastien's Wars at first, though the Wars eventually entered the Eye of Mikhail when Teito stopped Mikhail from attacking Bastien and Mikhail unwillingly relented. Mikhail is also implied to be able to send people to the ninth layer of hell, and a chapter in the manga revealed that Mikhail can sense Raphael and the Ghosts. During his battle with Haruse, he also demonstrated the ability to separate a soul from its body, leaving the body in a vegetative state.

Mikhail once implied that he can make others feel despair beyond even that which is experienced in the ninth layer of hell, though it is unclear if he was exaggerating. On a few occasions, he has threatened to send people he dislikes to the ninth layer of hell, and is hinted to be able to do so.


Mikhail's power is separated into energy levels.

LV. 40: When Mikhail released LV. 40 it created a meteor shower that destroyed a large portion of the mountain below, as well as two military grade Ribidzile.[22]


Before Raggs WarEdit

Exactly how and when Mikhail was born or created is unknown. At some point in his life, he and Raphael left Heaven and helped the Seven Ghosts defeat Verloren. Mikhail then stayed in the mortal world and protected the Raggs kingdom through the Eye of Mikhail, which was passed down through several generations of Raggs royalty.

During and after Raggs WarEdit

Before Teito, the host of Mikhail was Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, who was forced to give the Eye of Mikhail to his son to stop Verloren from eating his (Teito's) soul.

Later in the series, the Eye of Mikhail was stolen by the Black Hawks. Even when it had not yet been retrieved, though,Teito was still able to use Mikhail's power temporarily by passing a link through a spell that causes a reaction. Teito later got it back, but as of Kapitel 89, it appeared to be damaged, though not for long.


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Mikhail first makes an appearance when Teito is being pursued by Mikage, whilst possessed by Ayanami. Teito has the promise collar placed on him and accidentally awakens Mikhail, who had been sleeping inside of him.

Mikhail possesses Teito and demands that Ayanami remove the collar. Ayanami in turn uses the command 'bind' to incapacitate Mikhail, making Teito regain consciousness.

Discovery of the Eye of MikhailEdit

Insolent worm! How dare you turn your blade against my master!

—Mikhail, challenging Frau for his scythe's attack.


Mikhail defending Teito from the scythe's attack.

Mikhail appears again when Verloren's Scythe releases itself and attacks an unconscious Teito Klein. Mikhail, noticing the danger, protects Teito, and threatens the Ghosts for the scythe's attack. Knowing that Teito does not want to hurt the Ghosts, Mikhail relents and withdraws his weapons but Castor provokes the God into fury when he questions his authenticity.

Mikhail begins to tear apart the room and rips off the Ghosts' human disguises. Upon seeing their true forms, he returns everything to normal and mocks the fact that they (the Ghosts) are forced to interact with humans on a daily basis, then demands Castor remove the collar. Castor informs the God that they cannot do this without the army's help, and Mikhail calms down when he realises Teito does not want to return to the army. Frau then uses the sleep command and Teito regains consciousness after Mikhail goes to sleep.

Battling BastienEdit


Mikhail fighting Bastien.

When Bastien is revealed to be a Barsburg spy, he (Bastien) attacks Teito Klein for treason against the Barsburg King for escaping with the Eye of Mikhail. Teito fights Bastien, but is quickly overpowered and Bastien forces a Wars into Teito's body with the intention of corrupting the Eye of Mikhail. As Teito is being devoured, the Eye of Mikhail activates, Mikhail wakes and tries to destroy the Wars. Mikhail attempts to kill Bastien for attacking Teito, but Teito implores him not to do so as Bastien is important to Frau. Mikhail unwillingly relents, resulting in Teito being beaten and Mikhail being forced to lie dormant. This, unbeknownst to Teito, allows the Wars to enter the Eye of Mikhail. Frau arrives a short while later and Mikhail watches as the Ghost defeats and kills Bastien. Frau approaches Mikhail and says that he would not mind dying by Mikhail's hands. Mikhail makes no reply and goes to sleep again, allowing Teito to resume control.
My master's precious human. You have my thanks.

—Mikhail, thanking Hakuren for protecting Teito.[23]

After the battle, Mikhail again awakens- but threatens to attack Hakuren for touching his master. Upon realising Hakuren is Teito's friend, he thanks Hakuren for his help during the fight with Bastien and goes to sleep.

Infiltration by the Black HawksEdit

After Frau weakens the Wars that had possessed Teito, Mikhail wakes. Frau warns him that the Wars is still in his Eye but Mikhail ignores him. He senses Ayanami on board the Ribidzile and threatens to kill him, but is unable to defend the Hawkzile from Hyuuga's attack. 


Haruse removing the Eye.

As he falls, he attempts to open his wings to fly to safety, but is prevented from doing so by the Wars. Haruse and Kuroyuri then pursue the falling Mikhail. Mikhail prepares to attack Kuroyuri but Haruse pushes his superior out of the way and restrains Mikhail using the Wars.
When the dawn comes that you have become much stronger I will definitely be there to greet you.

—Mikhail's final words to Teito.[24]

Mikhail bids a final goodbye to his master and Haruse successfully separates the Eye from Teito, losing his soul in the process. The resulting explosion destroys a large portion of the ground below.

Part two of the Bishop's apprentice examEdit

Mikahil appears during the exam when Teito Klein realises Ayanami is actually a manifestation of his own darkness. The image of Ayanami begins to fade, but Teito is then confronted with another illusion. This time, an illusion of Mikhail.

Mikhail : Don't run. The one who loves you the most is me.

Teito (extends a hand) : You come with me too.
Mikhail : Now , from here on, I'll walk with him.

—An exchange between Mikhail and Teito [25]

The Mikhail illusion reminds Teito of the deaths in his life and says that he was the one that got Teito through his troubled childhood. Teito thinks of the promise he made to Mikage Celestine, and rejects Mikhail's offer to hurt those who have hurt him. As Teito tries to leave, Mikhail grabs him and tells him he loves him the most. Teito asks Mikhail to join him, and Teito facing his fear causes the illusion to vanish. Teito then passes the exam.

Eye of MikhailEdit

Three members of the Barsburg Armed ForcesOgiShiroki and Nabiki, try to obtain the Eye of Mikhail, but all of them die in the attempt. Later in the series, the Eye and Teito are experimented on. Mikhail resists at first, blowing up a laboratory and inflicting minor injuries on a team of Barsburg scientists, but is soon subdued by Ayanami. However, a confrontation with Frau at Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg's Groom Choosing ball helps Mikhail to overcome the brainwashing, and he reunites with his fellow archangel, Raphael. Soon afterwards, the Eye of Mikhail is revealed to have been damaged by Raphael when the latter was still brainwashed, but recovers after Verloren's departure. It is last seen being held in Mikage's mouth. 


  • 'Stop touching my master so familiarly you XXX!!' (to Guido/Zehel, Vol. 012, Chp. 068, pg.16)
  • 'My master is already functioning splendidly as Pandora's Box to the extent that Verloren cannot be separated from my master. That is, as long as my master continues using my power to seal it. I will do my utmost to protect my master's soul from being devoured. Relax.' (said when speaking about Pandora's Box to the previous generation of Ghosts, in Kapitel 68, page 18)
  • 'You'd better thank my master for waking your master up.' (to Raphael in Kapitel 86) 


  • Mikhail apparently can recognise and differentiate between the Ghosts when they are in Ghost form, although they all look identical when they are in Ghost form.[26] He is also able to tell the Ghosts apart when they are in human form: he could once tell that Labrador was Profe and Labrador was in human form at the time.
  • He is the first character in the series to have a manga chapter named after himself. 
  • The archangel Michael is often described as having the role of 'the warrior', while the archangel Raphael is often described as having the role of 'the healer'. Teito and Ouka, the vessels of the Eye of Mikhail and Eye of Raphael respectively, possess attacking Zaiphon and healing Zaiphon respectively.
  • Mikhail and Raphael are the only archangels in the series.
  • Like the Chief of Heaven, the upper half of Mikhail's face has yet to be clearly shown, always being obscured by his hair and/or his visor.
  • While Mikhail is a powerful, and often willing, combatant, it seems that there are times when he doesn't mind observing from the sidelines while the Ghosts fight, as shown in anime episode 18/Kapitel 17 when he stood aside and watched as Frau euthanized Bastien, though he did claim that Frau didn't have to help.
  • He is the only named character in the series who dislikes eyefish.
  • Interestingly, Mikhail's Zaiphon is the same colour as a Warsfeil's: red. However, none of the other characters seem to find this strange.
  • He has the same voice actor as Teito. When voicing Mikhail, Mitsuki Saiga's voice is deeper and has a haughtier tone.
  • Mikhail lends his name to the first Original Soundtrack (OST) of the series, which is titled Melody of Michael.
  • In Islam, Mikhail is the name of an angel who gives sustenance to anyone.
  • In the 97th Kapitel, Verloren's prison guards are shown to somewhat resemble Mikhail. However, his wings are larger and his headgear more refined-looking, possibly indicating that his rank is higher than theirs.
  • Mikhail is sometimes described as Teito's "darkness".
  • Although he mocks the Ghosts for having to remain in the human world, it's worth noting that he is actually in the same situation as they are. From this, it can be deduced that whenever he mocks the Ghosts for their situation, he is actually venting his frustration and/or considers himself to be in a better position despite sharing their circumstances.
  • Despite his penchant for alcohol, Mikhail disapproved of Frau's habit of keeping alcohol in his (Frau's) room. This may be seen as hypocritical, but it's also worth considering that Mikhail could simply have been criticizing Frau for being a bishop yet not obeying Church rules (clergy are not allowed to store alcohol in their rooms), and not for his consumption of alcohol.
  • Chapter 8 hints that Mikhail tends to rank his vessels in terms of physical beauty. [27]

'Extras' related triviaEdit

  • Mikhail seems to like vodka, as shown in one of the drama CDs. However, he refrained from drinking it when he remembered that Teito is under age. In the same drama CD, he is implied to like tea, and dislike eyefish and coffee.


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