07-Ghost Melody of Michael OST
07-GHOST - Original Soundtrack
07-Ghost Melody of Michael OST

Mikaeru no merodii
General information
Artist Kotaro Nakagawa
Length -
Release date November 18th, 2009
Episodes covered All episodes
Track list Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

The 07-Ghost soundtrack was composed and arranged by Kotaro Nakagawa. The first Original Soundtrack, titled 'Melody of Michael', was released on 18 November 2009 and contains three discs with a total number of eighty-four tracks. The album cover art features the symbol of the Raggs-Antwort political alliance, surrounded by the symbols of the Seven Ghosts.

Melody of Michael OSTEdit

Disc 1Edit

01. Teito Klein
02. Reminiscence (Piano version)
03. Reminiscence (Trombone version)
04. Guiding Memory
05. Busy Time
06. Imperial Military Academy
07. Warm Heart
08. Soul Killer ~Zehel
09. Soul Killer ~Zehel 2
10. Soul Keeper ~Profe
11. Soul Keeper ~Profe 2
12. Soul Binder ~Fest – Spinning Fate
13. Barsburg Empire
14. Empire’s Menace
15. Everyday wrapped in Light
16. Sisters’ Guidance
17. Ho-BURUGU Fort
18. The Next Move
19. End the Fight Violently
20. Power of Darkness becomes Powerful
21. Barsburg Church
22. A Song of Blessing
23. Requiem of the Beloved Sacrifices

Disc 2Edit

01. Unreachable Thoughts ~Despair
02. The 7th District ~God’s Domain
03. The Night at Church Wears On
04. Darkness draws near
05. Noel Mermaid ~Razette
06. Legend ~Seven Ghost
07. Counterattack Signal
08. Counterattack Signal (chorus cut version)
09. Power of Darkness released
10. Eye of Michael ~Awakening
11. Escape
12. Spirit that sinks into darkness
13. God grants a kind power
14. God grants a kind power 2
15. Familiar ~Kor
16. Ayanami ~Verloren
17. Commence Operation
18. Tension
19. Heartless Decision
20. Crisis draws near
21. Anxiety
22. Powerful Imprisoning Darkness ~Wars
23. Be Pure My Child, and Sleep
24. Flow of Calm Times
25. Soul’s Path
26. Tree’s Filtered Sunlight
27. Fate’s Choice

Disc 3Edit

01. Aka no Kakera (TV Size)
02. Snow of My Home
03. Light that guides forward
04. Power of Darkness crawls
05. Hymn A
06. Time Light Floods
07. Lamb that Falls From the Sky
08. Dark Clouds
09. Eye Catch A
10. Eye Catch B
11. Chance Meeting
12. Inside my dear daily memories
13. Raggs Requiem (album edit)
14. Hymn B
15. The 7th District’s Specialty
16. Unsettling Wind of the World’s Destruction
17. Lost Lamb
18. Premonition
19. Hitomi no Kotae ~The past ver.~ (TV Size)
20. Informing Flower ~Number 1
21. Informing Flower ~Number 2
22. Informing Flower ~Number 3
23. Bonus Tracks Mini Drama “Escape”
24. Hitomi no Kotae ~The future ver.~ (TV Size)

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