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マスター Masutā
Master as he appears in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Estimated 60-80
Birthday Unknown
Height Estimated 170 cm
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Bartender
Affiliation Frau
Manga Kapitel 55 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Master is an acquaintance of Frau's and an unnamed minor character, known only by his title, who only appeared in manga chapter 55. He is a bartender who works in Neal, and Frau enlisted his help when searching for Capella's mother, Rutia.


In the Japanese language, a bartender can be addressed as 'Master'.


Physical appearance[]

Master is a rather tall man, being only somewhat shorter than Frau, and has an average build. He appears to be elderly, with a wrinkled face. His hair is short, light-coloured and slicked back, with a few strands falling over his forehead and reaching past his eyebrows. He has thick eyebrows, presumably the same colour as his hair, as well as a moustache and a squarish chin.


He wears glasses and a suit.


Though only seen briefly, Master seems to be a helpful and hospitable man, as he let Teito Klein (who was unwell at the time) rest in his bar without asking any questions, and took the time to answer Frau's questions. He also showed signs of believing in the supernatural, though it is likely that he is unaware of Frau's true nature.


FrauHe appears to have known Frau for some time, and from what little interaction has been shown between them, they seem to have a cordial relationship. Master also seems to be familiar with Frau's drinking habits.

CapellaMaster was friendly towards Capella, and called him cute.

Teito KleinMaster allowed Teito to sleep in his bar when he (Teito) was ill.


Little is known about his history. At some point in time, he began working as a bartender. How he and Frau came to know each other is unknown.

Manga synopsis[]

Master first appears when Frau carries a sick Teito into his bar, where Frau asks him if Teito can rest there. Master agrees and, after Frau has laid Teito down on the innermost sofa in the bar, fetches a blanket to cover Teito with. He then pours a bottle of vodka for Frau and informs Frau that the address they (Frau, Capella and Teito) are looking for is the Almarz Residence, also telling him about its owner. Master is puzzled when Frau says that they have already been past the place where the Almarz Residence is, but did not see it, and wonders out loud if the Almarz Residence had somehow turned into a 'ghost'.

He has not been seen again since, and his current status is unknown.