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Marie's Lover
Name unknown Name unknown
The human face of Marie's lover.
Aliases That man (by Frau)
Species Human (previously)


Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased (killed by Frau)
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Verloren
Manga Kapitel 35 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Marie's Lover is an unnamed, minor antagonist who only appeared in Kapitel 35. He was romantically involved with a Tavern dancer named Marie but his jealousy drove him to murder her. During his transformation into a Wars, he wished that Marie's soul would always be tied to the tavern, meaning her soul stayed in the human world after she died.

He was eventually devoured by Frau using Verloren's Scythe.


He appeared of average height, with a quite muscular build. His face was diamond-shaped, with a large nose, wide mouth and light-coloured hair and eyes. After becoming a Wars he lost most of his resemblance to a human being.


He was shown to have an aggressive and vicious personality, shouting at and violently attacking Frau.

He was also obsessive and jealous, killing Marie because he believed that her soul belonged to him,[1] and showed an arrogant streak- mocking Frau because he believed that as a Wars he could not be harmed.


Marie: He was possessive of and obsessive towards Marie, referring to her as 'my woman' and saying that she 'belonged' to him. He killed her, and wished that her soul would always stay in the human world so that he could never lose her.


At some point, he became romantically involved with the tavern dancer Marie, but became increasingly possessive of her.

Deal with a Kor[]

His possessiveness lead to him making a deal with a Kor, and one of his wishes was that Marie's soul would "always be here" [the Tavern] so that she would never leave him. However, this failed to placate him, and he eventually killed her,[2] the permanence of Kor wishes meaning her soul remained at the Tavern even after her death.

He soon completed his transformation into a Wars.

Manga synopsis[]

Frau prepares to devour Marie's lover.

What are you going to do? Kill me?

—Marie's lover, during his fight with Frau.

The Wars that used to be Marie's lover remained in the area around the Tavern, feeding and growing in size.

He sensed that Frau had freed Marie's soul, recognised him as the Ghost Zehel, and attacked him: enraged that he and Marie were apart. During the fight he repeatedly antagonised Frau- thinking himself invincible. However, Frau was able to defeat him, using Verloren's Scythe to devour his tainted soul as punishment.


  • Due to his soul being evil, it tasted horrible.[3]
  • Frau thinks: "A person forgiven by heaven is given wings- though that only happens once" as he is about to devour the man's soul, implying the soul of Marie's Lover had committed an evil act before- but was forgiven by heaven, only for him to re-offend.


  1. In Kapitel 35 he says: "That's why everything, even her soul, belongs to me."
  2. Frau says: "It was you who killed Marie".
  3. Said by Frau at the start of Kapitel 36.

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