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Light Dungeon
ライトダンジォン Raito danjon
A view of Light dungeon from the outside.
Physical information
Location District 7
Position Prison
Manga Kapitel 15
Anime Episode 16
Location on map

Light dungeon is an underwater prison in the 7th District where criminals on death row are kept. It is guarded by the Imperial Guard.


Although District 7 opens its borders to any criminals from the other Districts, if they continue to commit crimes when the Church has given them sanctuary, they are imprisoned in a dungeon located in the Barsburg Church.

The list of offences that carry a death penalty in District 7 is unknown, though being a Warsfeil is instant execution.


Light Dungeon is hidden beneath the Church fountain.

Light dungeon is located deep under water, underneath the Church fountain, and is difficult to both reach and escape from. It is accessed by a hole in the floor in one of the streams running towards the fountain, which leads down through a labyrinth of tunnels and out the wall of the Church reservoir.

Its location appears to be kept a secret from most people (possibly to stop fellow criminals attempting to free those trapped)[1], but Razette apparently knows about it.


Light dungeon somewhat resembles a sunken temple or Church, with many pillars, staircases, archways and alleyways. Although it is unknown how or when this building was submerged, or if it was there before the reservoir, the ragged state of the stone, and fragile structure shows that it has been there for some time. It appears to be made of marble or limestone similar to the rest of the Church. Most of the stone there has already been covered by algae and is now inhabited by many of the fish living in the Church pool.


Cells: Light dungeon houses many cells, the cells being small, square in shape with a single bed, as well as one small, barred, window. Water is prevented from entering the cell by the means of either strong glass, or some form of shield.[2]


The water is home to many species of fish, including Eyefish, and algae.[3]


  1. When Teito asked the three sisters on its whereabouts, they did not know.
  2. In Kapitel 15, Frau is imprisoned in Light dungeon, water is stopped from flooding the cell.
  3. In Kapitel 15, Teito talks of an algae that glows.

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