レム Remu
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Lem in the manga.
Aliases Oniichan (by Lirin)
Species Human


Nationality District 4 (after being adopted by the Krat Family)
Gender Male
Age Probably between 9 and 13 (physically) at time of death
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Lirin (younger sister)
Krat Family (adoptive family)
Unknown biological family
Professional status
Occupation None
Affiliation Krat Family
Verloren (as a Wars)
Unknown biological family
Manga Kapitel 48
Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA (manga only)

Lem is a minor character in the 07-Ghost series, seen only in flashbacks of Labrador's past. He was Labrador's childhood friend and adoptive brother when the latter was human.


Lem appeared to be of average height and had a slender build. His hair was short and light-coloured. His eyes were also light-coloured.


Lem was initially shown to have a cheerful personality. However, his desperation to save Lirin from her illness caused him to deny knowing Labrador when Labrador's body mutated into a plant-like being, so that he (Lem) could continue using the Flower of Eden to try to cure Lirin. Labrador's and Lirin's deaths drove him mad with guilt and grief, after which he eventually became a Wars.

As a Wars, he was violent and aggressive, attempting to kill Teito and Ouka when they stumbled into the greenhouse of the Krat House of God. When his soul was finally able to depart in peace, he was shown to be happy and more like his former self.



Lem cared deeply for his sister, desperately searching for a cure for her illness and enlisting Labrador's help when he heard about the Flower of Eden. He was evidently stricken with grief at her death.


Lem and Labrador were childhood friends, and along with Lirin, they often spent time together as children. Towards the end of his life, he said, ''re not cold anymore?' and was shown to be overjoyed as his soul left the human world.

Labrador's UncleEdit

Labrador's uncle displayed a lack of concern for Lem.


Early childhoodEdit

After their biological family died (how is unknown), Lem and Lirin were adopted by the Krat family. The two oftne spent time with Labrador.

Teenage yearsEdit

After Lirin's and Labrador's deaths, Lem made a bargain with a Kor and eventually became a Wars. His soul remained in the greenhouse of the Krat House for many years until Teito freed him.

Manga synopsisEdit

Teito and Ouka encountered Lem upon visiting the Krat House, and discovered that Lem was a Wars, but had a human conscience. A flashback revealed that Labrador (then known as Ilyusha) had tried to cure Lirin's terminal illness with the Flower of Eden. However, using the Flower of Eden caused Ilyusha's own body to mutate into a plant-like being, and both Ilyusha and Lirin died.

Teito consoled Lem and told him that Ilyusha chose to die to save Lirin. Lem believed in Teito's words and broke a seal that released Profe, killing the Wars that was controlling him at the same time. Moments later, his soul departed in peace.

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