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Language of the Gods
カミガミ語 Kamigamigo
Heavenly birds.png
Signboards written in the language of the gods.
Purpose Facilitates communication between the gods
Owner(s) Heaven
Manga Kapitel 8
Anime NA

The Language of the Gods, also known as the Language of Heaven, is a language in the 07-Ghost universe that is only spoken by the gods and their vessels. It is not spoken in the anime. When the language of the gods is being spoken, dialogue bubbles have a shaded background, unlike dialogue bubbles for human languages, which have a white background. The written form of the language of the gods consists of strange logograms .A team of human researchers who were conducting experiments on Teito Klein saw the language of the gods on the laboratory monitors surrounding him when they tried to access his psyche, and were unable to decipher the symbols. This indicates that humans cannot read the gods' language either. 


  • Eve was once shown reading some signboards written in the language of the gods, in a flashback of Verloren's.
  • The judgment the Chief of Heaven wrote on Verloren's body is written in the language of the gods.
  • Since all the characters simply speak Japanese in the anime, how the language of the gods sounds remains unknown.
  • It is likely to be the least widely spoken language in the series universe, considering that only the gods can speak it, and there seem to be much fewer gods than humans in 07-Ghost.