Language of Raggs
ラグス語 Ragusugo
Purpose Facilitates communication between Raggs citizens
Owner(s) Raggs
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1
The Language of Raggs is a language in the 07-Ghost universe that is mostly spoken by former citizens of the fallen kingdom of Raggs. It has dialect forms. In a manga chapter, when Yukinami and Suzunami were speaking, Frau commented that they were speaking Raggs but 'a more northern dialect'.

In Kapitel 95, Teito mentioned that one of the words in the language of Raggs is 'Belnirose', meaning 'small red rose', and refers to a type of rose that is only seen in Raggs.

After the Raggs War, the Barsburg Empire tried to destroy the Raggs language [1] and were mostly successful, though a few speakers remain. [2]

It is likely that with Wahrheit Teito Klein's restoration of the Raggs kingdom, the Raggs language is now regaining speakers.


  1. In a flashback, Wakaba Oak was seen telling his servant Buran: 'Raggs's language, literature and art all must be destroyed.'
  2. Teito Klein, Ayanami, Yukinami, Suzunami and Frau have all been shown to be able to speak the Raggs language. Being the guardian angel of Raggs, Mikhail may also be able to speak it.
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