Krom's Mother
Name unknown Name unknown
Teito's Grandmama
The deceased Raggs queen with Krowell in the manga
Aliases Mother (by her sons)
Species Human
Nationality Raggs
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown (tall)
Weight Unknown (slender build)
Personal status
Status Deceased (murdered by Ayanami)
Relatives Krom's Father
Weldeschtein Krom Raggs (eldest son)
Fea Kreuz Raggs (second son)
Ayanami (youngest son)
Teito Klein/Wahrheit Teito Klein (grandson)
Millea Klein (daughter-in-law)
Vanessa Antwort (daughter-in-law)
King Antwort and Vanessa's Mother (in-laws)
Other members of the Raggs Family and Antwort Family
Professional status
Occupation Queen
Affiliation Raggs

Raggs Family

Manga Kapitel 90 (photo only)

Kapitel 98 (flashback)

Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA (manga only)

Krom's Mother was the mother of Weldeschtein Krom RaggsFea Kreuz Raggs and Ayanami, thus making her Teito Klein's paternal grandmother. As a Raggs monarch, she could have been a bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, although it is also possible that her husband held that position.


Physical appearanceEdit

Her hair (what can be seen of it) was long, straight and dark, possibly the same colour as Krom's and Teito's, and worn in an elaborate updo. Krom and Teito both greatly resemble her. She had a tall and slender build, large dark eyes and a small nose.


She wore a long dress of an unknown light colour, with patterned embroidery on the sleeves. She also wore a tasselled shawl of the same colour on her head.


Although only shown briefly, she displayed a kind and cheerful personality.


Her familyEdit

She appeared to be very close to her husband and all three of her sons. However, Ayanami (then known as Krowell) killed her after regaining his memories of Verloren.


The unnamed Queen was presumably born and raised in the Raggs kingdom. It is likely that she came from a wealthy and prestigious family, though whether she was already a member of royalty before her marriage is unknown. She married Krom's predecessor, the previous king of Raggs, and bore him three sons. She eventually gained two daughters-in-law and a grandson through her eldest son Krom, though she did not live long enough to see them.

Manga synopsisEdit

Eve revealed that the Queen's youngest son, Krowell, killed his mother, but this was unknown at first and the Queen was initially thought to have committed suicide. She is first seen in a family portrait.


  • She is one of only two characters who are the mother of a Ghost, the other being Lady Hausen.
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