Krat House
クラトハウズ Kurato hauzu
Physical information
Location District 4
Position Nobility

One of the Seven Houses of God

Manga Kapitel 48
Anime NA
Location on map

The Krat House was Labrador's home when he was human, and is one of the Seven God Houses. The bloodline of Profe comes from here, that is, descendants of the Krat family are able to reincarnate as the Ghost Profe after death. Labrador's father is buried somewhere within the grounds of the house.

Somewhere inside the Krat House, there is a vast room with a balcony, and Labrador's uncle used it as a gathering place for his cult.


  • The Krat House used to have a greenhouse, which Labrador often spent time in when he was human. However, after the sin of the Krat Family was exposed and Teito collected the Cursed Ticket of Profe, the greenhouse was destroyed as per Labrador's request.

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