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Krat Family
クラート家 Kuraatoke
Biographical information
Nationality Raggs [1]
Current Head of House Unknown
Political information
Position Nobility
One of the Seven Houses of God
Home Krat House (District 4)
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Krat Family is a noble family living in Krat House, which is one of the Seven Houses of God and located in District 4. They are the blood descendants of Profe, thus, members of the Krat Family can be reincarnated as Profe.

Family Members[]

Family Tree[]

    (Many generations)
      │                             │                           
   Unknown                       Unknown───┬───Unknown
      │                                    │  
Raggs War Profe                                │
                           Head of Krat household───┬───Unknown
                                   Ilyusha's mother───┬───Ilyusha's father
                            Lem   Lirin   Ilyusha Krat


  • The Krat Family has a reputation for accurate fortune telling. (manga chapter 48, page 13) Their prophecies are said to be absolute.
  • It is possible that, after the death of Labrador's Uncle, Labrador is the only surviving descendant of the Krat Family.
  • Wavy hair may be a dominant trait in the Krat Family, as Labrador, the Raggs War Profe, and Labrador's uncle have all been shown to have wavy hair.


  1. Manga chapter shows that District 4 was a part of the Raggs kingdom