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Konatsu's Grandfather
Name unknown Name unknown
Konatsu's grandfather as he appears in Konatsu's flashback.
Aliases Grandfather (by Konatsu Warren)
Species Warsfeil
Nationality Barsburg Empire
Gender Male
Age Probably in his 50s or older
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Warren Family
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Warren Family


Manga Kapitel 34
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Konatsu's Grandfather is an unnamed minor character who appeared in Konatsu's flashbacks in the side chapter: Aspiration. He is the grandfather of Konatsu Warren, a Warsfeil and a very capable swordsman.[1]

He was Konatsu's inspiration for becoming a swordsman and joining the Black Hawks.


Physical appearance[]

Konatsu's grandfather's weight is unknown, but he has a thin build, and he appears to be of average height.

He has a square jaw, a small, pointy nose, marionette lines around his mouth and frown lines on his forehead reflecting his old age. As he is a noble, he probably has pale skin. His light-coloured hair is worn short and spiked up at the front. It is likely that he has blonde hair, like Konatsu. Konatsu bears a fairly strong resemblance to him.


Konatsu's grandfather was seen wearing a long, dark cloak with a hood, and he wore the hood down. He carried a sabre at his belt.


Konatsu's grandfather only briefly appeared once, and not much is known about his personality. However, considering that he was the only member of the Warren Family who did not look down on Konatsu Warren for not having been born a Warsfeil, it is possible that he is kinder and more understanding than the rest of the Warren Family.


Konatsu Warren: He appears to care for his grandson very much, as he was the only member of the Warren Family who supported Konatsu in his decision to learn how to fight with a sword and did not ostracise Konatsu for not having the powers of a Warsfeil. He seemed to want Konatsu to do well as it was he who advised Konatsu to aspire to join the Black Hawks

Ayanami: Though it is likely they have never met, Konatsu's grandfather had a lot of respect for Ayanami; calling him "Ayanami-dono" and "magnificent leader of Warsfeil".

Abilities and Attributes[]

Being a member of the Warren Family, Konatsu's grandfather is a Warsfeil and able to control a Wars. He is also implied to be a talented swordsman, as he taught Konatsu how to fight.



Konatsu's grandfather was born into the Warren Family as a Warsfeil.


He married and had a child, who later went on to marry and have a son: Konatsu Warren, who was born a human.

If you can protect Verloren-sama with your splendid skill with a sword you will definitely be worthy of the lineage you were born into.

—Konatsu's grandfather, encouraging Konatsu.[2]

While the other Warsfeil shunned Konatsu for being an "ill omen", his grandfather instead nurtured Konatsu's ambition to fight, taught him swordsmanship and informed him of the Black Hawks.


  • He thinks that Konatsu was not born a Warsfeil because he (Konatsu) had done something to offend Verloren in a previous life.
  • It is unknown if he is Konatsu's grandfather on Konatsu's father's side or on Konatsu's mother's side of the family.


  1. In Aspiration he taught Konatsu how to fight, and turned Konatsu into the competent fighter he is.
  2. Kapitel 34.5: Aspiration.

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