Kokuyou Celestine
コクヨウ=セレスタイン Kokuyou Seresutain
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Kokuyou in the manga.
Aliases Bakamono (meaning fool) (by his father)
Species Human
Nationality Barsburg (District 3)
Gender Male
Age Probably late teens to mid 20s
Birthday Unknown
Height Estimated 167 to 170 cm
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Mikage Celestine (younger brother)
Kohaku Celestine (younger brother)
Rinka Celestine (younger sister)
Karein Celestine (father)
Professional status
Occupation Oak Family's Butler
Affiliation The Barsburg Empire

Celestine Family
Oak Family

Manga Kapitel 75
Anime NA
Japanese NA (manga only)

Kokuyou Celestine is Karein Celestine's eldest son and Mikage Celestine's older brother. At present, he is the Oak Family's butler (manga chapter 75).


In Japanese, 'kokuyou seki' means 'obsidian' (seki means stone). 'Koku' can mean 'black'.

'Celestine' is a name of English and French origins that means 'heavenly'.


Physical appearanceEdit

Kokuyou bears a strong resemblance to Mikage, something which Teito notices immediately upon meeting him. Kokuyou is about a head taller than Teito, and has a slender build. Like his brothers and father, he has blonde hair.


As a butler, he wears the appropriate attire.


Due to his profession, he presents himself as a very dignified and polite young man.


Teito KleinEdit

Kokuyou has a lot of respect for his deceased younger brother's best friend , Teito. They visit Mikage's grave together to pay their respects. When Teito confides to Kokuyou that he's missing his memories and can't remember how Mikage died, Kokuyou sympathizes with him and comments that it must be hard on Teito. He later scolds Kohaku, his younger brother, for being impolite to Teito.

Shuri OakEdit

Kokuyou and Shuri have a master-servant relationship.

His familyEdit

Kokuyou is close to his family. However, he is also blunt and stern towards them, shown when he scolded Kohaku for being rude to Teito and when he accused Karein of making Teito cry.


Kokuyou was born to Karein Celestine and is following in his father's footsteps, continuing the tradition of the Celestine family.

Manga synopsisEdit

Kokuyou first appears at Wakaba Oak's funeral, greeting visitors at the entrance of the Oak House. He welcomes Shuri back and compliments him, saying that Shuri is looking very respectable. Kokuyou then meets Teito in person for the first time and takes Teito to see Mikage's grave. The Celestine family, including Kokuyou, could have been informed of Teito's condition and whereabouts after Ayanami took Teito back to Hohburg Fortress.


  • 'This is all your fault, Father. You made him cry.' (to Karein about Teito)
  • 'Okaerinasai (polite form of 'Welcome home'), Shuri-sama.' (greeting Shuri)


  • According to a legend, Apache Tears, a form of obsidian, is formed from the tears of some women who cried hard for their dead loved ones (soldiers who chose to jump off a cliff instead of falling into their enemies' hands). It is said that those who carry an Apache Tears won't cry again.

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