Klein Family
クライン家 Kurainke
Biographical information
Nationality Possibly Barsburg Empire
Current Head of House Millea Klein

Wahrheit Teito Klein

Political information
Position Royalty (concubinage)
Home Hohburg Fortress (Millea's mother)
Raggs Castle (Millea and Teito)
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Klein Family is the family Millea Klein and her son, Teito Klein, are descended from.


Kleins tend to have slender builds, round or oval faces and wide eyes. It seems that Kleins are generally considered attractive within the series universe. Evidence of this is the fact that Emperor Wolfram thought that Millea's beauty and shine surpassed any member of the Barsburg family, and Teito is considered an attractive character in-universe.

The fact that Teito's eye colour is green could indicate that green eyes are a characteristic of the Klein family, especially since his father's eyes were not green.


For the past three generations, the Klein family has had ties to the Barsburg and Raggs royal families through concubinage, or unofficial marriage.


Family TreeEdit

Millea's Mother──────┬──────Millea's Father
               Millea Klein─────────┬────────Weldeschtein Krom RaggsTeito Klein


  • Millea and Teito are the only members of the Klein family shown so far, but it is known that Millea's mother was also a concubine.
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