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キクネ Kikune
Kikune as she appears in the manga.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Female
Age Probably in her 20s
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Lady-in-waiting of Roseamanelle
Affiliation Barsburg Empire
Manga Kapitel 47
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Kikune is a minor character in the 07-Ghost series. She is one of Ouka's three ladies-in-waiting.


In the Japanese language, 'kiku' can mean 'chrysanthemum branch' and 'ne' can mean 'root'.


Physical appearance[]

Kikune is tall and slim, with long, straight, dark-coloured hair and narrow, dark-coloured eyes. A coloured picture on the cover of volume 11 shows that she has dark blue/purple hair and light blue eyes. Her height and build are similar to Gyokuran's and Ohruri's.


Kikune is always seen in civilian clothing. When she debuted, she wore a lacy, beribboned shawl.


Kikune is the calmest and most reserved of the trio, rarely smiling or showing any facial expressions, and has a deadpan sense of humour. However, she is also kind and helpful.


Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg[]

Like Gyokuran and Ohruri, despite being obligated to care for Ouka as her servant, Kikune has been shown to genuinely care for Ouka, and seems to be a mother figure or older sister figure to the princess.

Gyokuran and Ohruri[]

Kikune spends a great deal of time with Gyokuran and Ohruri, all three of them being attendants of Ouka, and gets along well with both of them. Kikune usually reacts with apathy or indifference to Gyokuran's outbursts.

Hakuren Oak[]

Kikune and Hakuren seem to get along well. Like Ohruri, Kikune does not share Gyokuran's apparent dislike of Hakuren. However, she does seem to share Gyokuran's disdain for the Oak Family, as in manga chapter 63, when Hakuren tells her, Gyokuran, Ouka, and Ohruri about his 'woman sickness' and the cause of it, she is shown thinking to herself, 'As expected of the Oaks...'.

Teito Klein[]

Like Gyokuran and Ohruri, Kikune is mildly curious about Teito.

Abilities and Attributes[]

She has been shown to know how to construct self-defense items. Ouka has used a staff made by her to stun the loanshark Parl

Manga synopsis[]

Kikune plays a relatively minor role in the series. She first appeared when Ouka was at the Krat House with Teito, and searched for her with Gyokuran and Ohruri. The three women appeared again, along with Hakuren, when they eventually found Ouka and convoyed her back to the royal palace.

Kikune appeared a few more times in the royal palace, and along with Gyokuran, Ohruri and Hakuren, accompanied Ouka to the Hawkzile race. Kikune was also present at Ouka's birthday ball, where she quietly observed Ouka's fiance candidates. When the ball was abruptly brought to an end, Kikune presumably evacuated with Ohruri and Hakuren while Gyokuran restrained Ouka, who wanted to search for Teito. Her eventual fate is uncertain. 


  • "They fell from the sky. You don't understand the public order of the sky, Gyokuran."