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Katsuragi (original)
カツラギ Katsuragi
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The original Katsuragi in his dying moments.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Possibly middle-aged [1]
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown (possibly Ogi)
Professional status
Occupation Member of Ogi's Intelligence Unit
Affiliation Ogi's Intelligence Unit
Manga Kapitel 63
Anime NA
Japanese NA

This article is about the original Katsuragi. For the article about the Katsuragi who has been shown to the readers so far, see Katsuragi (current).

The original Katsuragi is a post-mortem minor antagonist in the 07-Ghost series. He was a member of Ogi's Intelligence Unit, and died during the Raggs War.


Physical appearance[]

Although the original Katsuragi has only appeared in the series a few times and has never been shown clearly, the current Katsuragi has mentioned that their physiques were similar, making the surgery to modify his appearance easy. The current Katsuragi reconstructed his cheekbones and nose, sliced off his flesh, and slit his mouth a little wider, in order to look like the original Katsuragi.


He wore a Barsburg military uniform.



Not only was the original Katsuragi a loyal subordinate of Ogi's and a member of the latter's intelligence unit, it seems that they had a good personal relationship. Ogi had raised the original Katsuragi since the latter was fifteen [2] and Ogi has said: 'It is I who has adored you (Katsuragi) so much!', implying that he loved the original Katsuragi.


  • The current Katsuragi gave half of the original Katsuragi's soul to Ayanami, so that if Ayanami is injured, the current Katsuragi won't sustain the same injuries.


  1. The fake Katsuragi had the appearance of a middle-aged man after undergoing surgery to look like him.
  2. Kapitel 63