Kapitel 97
Dearest Wish
General information
Volume number 17
Chapter number 97
Number of pages 34
Cover Phrase The happy moment during that time...
Cover Character(s) Eve

Heavenly Birds

Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 96
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Kapitel 97: Dearest Wish is the ninety-seventh chapter overall and second chapter of Volume 17 of the 07 Ghost manga series.


Ayanami has a flashback of his past life as Verloren. The chapter opens with Eve climbing up a cliff and rescuing a Heavenly Bird. It is then revealed that Eve tried to break Verloren out of a prison the Chief of Heaven had put him in, because the Chief of Heaven intended to execute Verloren and Eve wanted to prove Verloren's innocence. However, Eve dies when Verloren holds her in his arms, due to Verloren's fatal touch. Verloren buries Eve in a Flower of Eden field and, insane with grief and rage, leaves Heaven to search for her reincarnation.

Back in the present, Ayanami and Teito are fighting within Verloren's core. Teito strikes Ayanami's back with Verloren's Scythe and Ayanami retaliates by shoving his (Ayanami's) hand into Teito's chest. Teito smiles at Ayanami, and disappears along with Verloren's scythe. Ayanami then sits on the throne within Verloren's core, implying that Verloren is about to be fully revived.

Quotes from this chapterEdit

  • "I've discovered a bug in Verloren. Proper measures will be taken at later dates." (Chief of Heaven, pg 7 and 8)
  • Verloren: "Why did you come here? Go back." Eve: "I've come to kidnap you. I'll prove that you have no bug. The animals around you will be your witnesses. I'll hide you away until I can receive an acceptable answer from Father." (pg 9 and 10)
  • "So this is love. A feeling like drugs." (Verloren, pg 17)
  • Teito: "I can't let you pass through!! I won't let Verloren be revived!!" Ayanami: "'s my body. You don't have the right to give orders to me." (pg 24 and 25)
  • "This guy is a reaper. He's different from Frau and the others who were once a human. Because he was a god who existed to manage lives. He doesn't have any hesitation to erase a life." (Teito's thought about Ayanami/Verloren, pg 28)
  • "If you have a family, and are living as a human, carve into your heart, the heavy weight of losing something, and the sadness of having something being taken away from you!!" (Teito to Ayanami, pg 29)
  • "It's final." (Ayanami as he sits on the throne, pg 34)

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