Kapitel 96
General information
Volume number 17
Chapter number 96
Number of pages 35
Cover Phrase You're always by my side, during happy times.
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein, Frau, Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg, Labrador, Burupya, Castor, Hakuren Oak
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 96: Baton is the ninety-sixth chapter overall and the first chapter of volume 17 of the 07 Ghost manga series.


Hyuuga is revealed to be alive, much to the joy of Konatsu, who tells him to focus on healing his body. Hyuuga is then put in a regeneration tank after refusing Konatsu's offer to donate his (Konatsu's) limbs. Meanwhile, Teito successfully saves Frau, and Frau comes to terms with Guido's death. Teito then pulls Verloren's Scythe out of the throne within Verloren's core, and convinces Frau to fight with him against Verloren. Ayanami comes face to face with his headless, incompletely revived true body, and Hyuuga congratulates him.

Quotes from this chapterEdit

  • 'Guido!! Answer me!!! You damn fool!! There's no meaning even if there was hope inside of me!! I...I, inside of ARE the hope for me!! Aegis won't fall!! I won't let it fall!! Isn't that right, Guido!!' (Frau, page 10 to 11)
  • 'I couldn't accept the truth that Guido was dead...I always thought...that he's alive somewhere.' (Frau, page 21)
  • Teito: 'I won't let you become Verloren.' Frau: 'The seal has been opened. There's no other way.' Teito: 'There is. Believe me. Fight with me. Frau.' Frau: 'I'm quite a stubborn stud you know.' (page 26 to 28)
  • '...Even though he said that, that prophet, so he was planning to save me from the beginning?' (Hyuuga about Labrador, page 30)
  • 'Please...don't act like everything is fine...don't worry about me...please think about healing your body only, Major.' (Konatsu to Hyuuga, page 33)
  • ' you absorbed Hyuuga's darkness, and converted it into life really are...' (Ayanami, page 34)
  • 'For the time being, congratulations, Aya-tan.' (Hyuuga, page 35)

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