Kapitel 95
General information
Volume number 16
Chapter number 95
Number of pages 32
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Frau/Verloren's Scythe
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 94
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Kapitel 96

Kapitel 95: Door is the ninety-fifth chapter overall and the fifth chapter of Volume 16 of the 07 Ghost manga series.


Within Verloren's core, Teito and Eve are still talking. Eve tells Teito that Frau is still alive, and 'merged' with the scythe in order to protect Teito and also because he (Frau) wants to be cut down by Teito on purpose. Eve says that Teito has no choice but to persuade Frau's heart from the inside, and after wishing Teito good luck, disappears.

Teito then sees a 'video' (flashback) of Frau's past. Upon seeing a teen-aged Frau, Teito grabs him, but Frau apparently does not recognise Teito. Frau asks Teito who he is, and thinking that Teito is a stowaway on the Aegis warship they are riding, informs Teito that a stowaway will be sentenced to death by hanging. Teito tries to get Frau to listen to him, but Frau ignores him and keeps trying to get rid of him. However, Teito persists, and after Frau discovers that Teito knows the Raggs language (as Teito sees Frau looking at a Raggs song in a language book), asks Teito to teach him. Teito does so, but the lesson is interrupted by a sudden attack from the Barsburg Army

The scene cuts to Frau arguing with Guido. Frau wants to go with Guido, who plans to secure the route for Raggs refugees to pass, but Guido refuses. Despite Guido's refusal, Frau insists on doing as he (Frau) wishes. Teito joins Frau again, to Frau's shock. Frau then meets with Magdalen, and states that he hates being left behind or abandoned. As the Barsburg Army continues to attack, the chapter ends with the question of whether Teito can save Frau.

Quotes from this chapterEdit

  • Teito: 'Frau became one with the scythe?!' Eve: 'That's order to protect you, he's standing sentinel here. Because he challenged Verloren with his mortal body, his flesh was destroyed but, by becoming one with the scythe, he's hanging alive.' (conversation between Teito and Eve, pg 1)
  • 'He has chosen to become Verloren. I'm afraid he did so in order to be cut down by you on purpose.' (Eve to Teito, pg 2)
  • 'I see, this is a video of Frau's past...I'm watching it right now...!!' (Teito's thought, pg 11)
  • ' really are a rude guy. Even if I look like this, I have mastered four national languages, you know.' (Frau to Teito, pg 19)
  • Teito: 'Frau...don't you feel sort of nostalgic?' Frau: 'Ha? I read this book for the first time today, you know?' Teito: 'But, it could be that somewhere, did you ever talk about it with somebody?' (conversation between Teito and Frau, pg 24)

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