Kapitel 93
General information
Volume number 15
Chapter number 93
Number of pages 27
Cover Phrase The light, embraced inside the heart-
Cover Character(s) Frau

Teito Klein

Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 93: Release is the third chapter of Volume 15 and overall ninety-third chapter of the 07-Ghost manga series.


Labrador foresees something happening to Teito. Teito, meanwhile, is still holding Landkarte's heart. He wonders out loud if Landkarte's soul can be returned to the Chief of Heaven's side so that Landkarte can atone for his sins, but Frau rebukes him and calls him naive. Frau then notices that there are many lights shining from inside Teito's body, and it is revealed that due to the Eye of Mikhail being broken, Pandora's Box is no longer sealed. 

Teito asks Frau to kill him using Verloren's Scythe. Frau refuses and calls out to Mikhail, but receives no response. Meanwhile, Castor and Labrador escape their prison, due to the barrier of their prison breaking from the impact of Pandora's Box being unsealed. Labrador advises Kuroyuri and Haruse to evacuate. 

A despairing Frau tries to come up with a way to stop the unsealing of Pandora's Box, but is eventually unable to. Castor thinks Verloren hasn't fully awakened, that the 'soul which will become the core is absolutely necessary' for Verloren to be completely resurrected, and that Teito's soul hasn't been devoured yet. The chapter ends with the question of whether Teito will be saved.

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  • "You guys should leave too." (Labrador's warning)
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