Kapitel 9
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Volume number 2
Chapter number 9
Number of pages 30
Cover Phrase A single thought dancing in the wind...
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Anime counterpart Episode 11
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Kapitel 9: Atonement is the ninth chapter overall, and fourth chapter of Volume 2 of the 07 ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2005 in Japan, and March (date unknown) 2009 in North America. Its ISBNs are 978-4-7580-5225-2 and 978-1-60510-033-3 respectively.


As the Bishops ask Teito if he will take the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, Teito says that he will avenge Mikage by travelling to Hohburg Fortress. As Teito breaks down and expresses that he now has no reason to live now that Mikage is dead, Frau comforts him. Castor then explains the need for a Clergy Pass, and how taking the clergy exam will help him in his revenge. However, it's revealed Castor only said that to keep Teito in the Church where he is safe. Teito agrees and Castor introduces Teito to preparation for the first half of the exam, which is a written test. While Frau thinks it impossible to learn everything within the space of a month, Teito surpasses expectations after revealing Fea Kreuz taught him all he needed to know when he was a child.

Satisfied, Castor turns his attention to the training for the practical half of the exam, introducing Teito to a Baculus, which he struggles to control. Teito is given the task of catching a Kor something which he does not succeed at. Feeling defeated at his lack of progress, he is comforted by Bishop Labrador, and he (Teito) admits to Labrador that he feels that he deserves to be punished for Mikage's death. Whilst delivering a book, Teito mistakenly believes Hakuren Oak is Mikage, and pursues him and grabs his shoulder to get his attention. Hakuren, irked at his actions behaves rudely, and, upon seeing Teito's Exam Badge, declares Teito his rival.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "Is the life Mikage saved so worthless? You don't want to die for Mikage's sake. Instead it is because you seek peace of mind and to get rid of all the emotions that you carry here. (points at Teito's heart) Don't run away from living. Live even if it hurts. To protect the life Mikage saved is the best way you can atone for his death." - Frau to Teito (Page 03/04)
  • "There are many people in this world that you cannot protect merely by thinking of them or praying for them..." - Castor about why Bishops fight using Zaiphon (Page 13)
  • "Someday, no matter when, people will look to you. So always remember to conduct yourself properly." - Frau (Page 17)
  • "Mikage-kun forgave you from the start..." - Labrador (Page 24)

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