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Kapitel 84
Replica 2
General information
Volume number 14
Chapter number 84
Number of pages 29
Cover Phrase If you hold out your hand, I'm sure, you'll even be able to seize the light.
Cover Character(s) Roseamanelle
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 83
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Kapitel 85

Kapitel 84: Replica 2 is the eighty-fourth chapter overall, and third chapter of Volume 14 of the 07 Ghost manga series.

The chapter was released on the 25th May 2012 in Japan, and has so far not been released in North America. Its ISBNs are unknown.


A flashback of the reign of the Raggs King is shown, with Weldeschtein Krom Raggs giving a speech to the masses about racial harmony between the nations. Although Krom's speech is well-received, Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg, who is among the crowd, remains unimpressed.

Back in the present, Teito and Wolfram are still talking, and Wolfram orders Ouka to kill Teito Klein as he is a descendant of the Raggs royal line. Roseamanelle attacks Teito and the two fight, and Teito attempts to appeal to Ouka's human side by reminding her of the time she said she didn't want to kill, but he is ignored.

Teito is reminded of the time when his father and Fea Kreuz took him to visit a falling island, and his father reminded him that everything will come to an end, but the power of the Eye of Mikhail can restore something that has reached its end. Teito then uses this memory to tell Ouka that the Eyes are not intended for war, and Ouka's attack destroys a large portion of the surrounding area, causing her to return to normal.

It is revealed that the previous empress of Barsburg died due to experimentation on the Eye of Raphael, and during an experiment with the daughter, the true Roseamanelle died too. Wakaba Oak and Nanase then form a plan to cover up the death of the real princess and replace her with one of the 47 clones they have made from her. Since then, clone OR-0007 has been living as the present princess of Barsburg.

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