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Kapitel 82
General information
Volume number 14
Chapter number 82
Number of pages 34
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Labrador
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 81
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Kapitel 83

Kapitel 82: Reunion is the eighty-second chapter overall, and first chapter of Volume 14 of the 07 Ghost manga series.


Labrador and Hyuuga are still in battle, and Hyuuga seeks revenge for the attack that left Ayanami with a missing arm, attempting to cut off Labrador's arm. During the battle, Labrador attempts to trick Hyuuga with an illusion, but it fails to work and Labrador is defeated.

Meanwhile, Castor fights with Ayanami. Castor strikes out at Ayanami but it is revealed to be just a decoy doll allowing the real Ayanami to stab Castor through the chest. In the fight with Teito and Frau, Mikhail is ready to release his power when Teito tries to stop him. As he tries, brainwaves are sent that awaken his fears, and Mikhail is there to try to take away his pain, but Teito answered that it's wrong. Mikhail tries fighting the fear with him, but Teito remembers everyone's love for him, though not in time to stop Mikhail's attack.

Ayanami returns, and orders Teito to go for a check-up, then muses over the strange appearance of the 'shadow man' and realises that he is Landkarte. As Teito walks, Mikhail informs him that Frau is fine, and they decide to find Ouka in order to obtain the cursed ticket.

Back in the lab, several soldiers investigate a mysterious black mass inside a cage when suddenly it begins to move, scaring the soldiers there. As they flee, the mass is revealed to be Frau who was shielded by Verloren's scythe. Frau wonders why the scythe rescued him, since it obeys only Verloren and the scythe answers it found two people as food. Frau attempts to get out of the cage, but his arm, being bound to the scythe, is held inside. The cage is one specifically designed to keep the scythe in.

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Quotes from this chapter[]

  • Soldiers: "Eeeep!! A hand!! This is a monster's cocoon!! It will be born!!" Frau: "A monster's cocoon...? That's great...a sacrifice for me who has been resurrected just now!! You guys!! All of you!! I will swallow you whole!! Hwahaha!! Who wants to be eaten first?!" (Frau scaring away the soldiers, page 30)