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This article is about the manga chapter. For the heavenly being, see Ea
Kapitel 76
General information
Volume number 13
Chapter number 76
Number of pages 28
Cover Phrase Sweets can be a meal too!
Cover Character(s) Guido
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 75
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Kapitel 77

Kapitel 76: Ea is the seventy-sixth chapter overall, and third chapter of Volume 13 of the 07 Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 24th December 2011 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4758-05679-3.


As Teito stops crying at Mikage's death, Karein notices Shuri listening to their conversation and confronts him, telling Teito that Shuri and Mikage were childhood friends. As Karein and Kokuyou leave, Shuri reveals to Teito that he had been jealous that Teito and Mikage were so close, and Teito then thanks an annoyed Shuri.

Meanwhile, Castor and Labrador arrive in the slums of District 1 to heal an injured Frau, whose life was saved by his special coat (made from the fibres of the holy Cuvere tree), but the attack still damaged Frau's core, which will leave him unable to fight for a few days. Castor and Labrador know of Ayanami's plan, and Lance has infiltrated the military in an attempt to stop it. Castor assures Frau that the rest of them will be joining him undercover in two days.

The scene cuts to Lance making his way through Hohburg, looking through the memories of researchers for information, and discovers that the only way to free Teito from the collar is to kill its master. Reasoning that Landkarte and Ea are still alive and unharmed, Lance looks at the last memories the two Ghosts had before leaving. In the memory, the two Ghosts reveal their reason for going undercover is to watch Verloren's reincarnation, and their last words are questioning the power given to a Warsfeil. When Lance resumes his temporary job as a Bishop in Hohburg Fortress, he is confronted by Ea, who tells him there is a traitor within the Ghosts.

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