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Kapitel 75
Younger Brother
General information
Volume number 13
Chapter number 75
Number of pages 34
Cover Phrase I thought the way that 'today' blended seamlessly into 'tomorrow' would continue forever.
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein
Mikage Celestine
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 74
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Kapitel 76

Kapitel 75: Younger Brother is the seventy-fifth chapter overall, and second chapter of Volume 13 of the 07 Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 24th December 2011 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4758-05679-3.


Following the death of his father, Wakaba Oak, Shuri mourns over his father's body. While this is going on, Teito finds out that the letter he had sent to Mikage had been returned to him as it could not be delivered to its designated address. Teito also receives a letter from Mikage's family inviting him to attend Mikage's funeral. Teito later sees two guards attempting to drag Shuri away from Wakaba's corpse, and protests, then attacks the guards when they refuse to let go.

Meanwhile, Chairman Miroku and Karu watch the security footage of Wakaba's death, seeing him fall into the fountain as if drunk and not get back up, which was generally accepted as the cause of his death. Karu believes Ayanami is pulling strings, and is prepared to kill anyone who gets in his way, as he (Ayanami) is the new favourite for Field Marshal and can decide the fate of the Eyes. Miroku and Karu decide that Ayanami must be killed.

The scene changes to show the Black Hawks traveling to the Oak House to pay their condolences. As they walk through the main hall it is obvious that no one is truly saddened by Wakaba's death, not even other Oak family members, which angers Shuri. As a way of thanking them, each guest is given a precious gemstone, which has helped the Oaks increase their fortune, but as Teito touches the stone he is suddenly overpowered by a strong feeling and drops it.

A short while later, Teito meets a young man who resembles Mikage and learns that the young man is Mikage's older brother, after which he is introduced to the rest of Mikage's family. After visiting Mikage's grave, Teito is taken to his (Mikage's) room and upon seeing the many photos of himself and Mikage, breaks down and cries.

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