Kapitel 70
General information
Volume number 12
Chapter number 70
Number of pages 31
Cover Phrase The time comes to determine the outcome...?
Cover Character(s) Hyuuga
Konatsu Warren
Anime counterpart NA
Chapter guide
Preceded by
Kapitel 69
Followed by
Kapitel 71
Kapitel 70: Separation is the seventieth chapter overall, and third chapter of Volume 12 of the 07-Ghost manga. The volume was released on the 25th July 2011 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5624-3.</p>


The Bishops and Teito continue their battle with Ayanami and the Black Hawks. Ayanami has a flashback of Eve. The Bishops and Teito are eventually defeated, and Ayanami succeeds in capturing Teito. Castor tries to kill Konatsu, but Katsuragi arrives in the nick of time to save Konatsu and shocks Castor with his speed.

Characters in order of AppearanceEdit

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