Kapitel 7
Cycle of Rebirth
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Volume number 2
Chapter number 7
Number of pages 30
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Zehel

Teito Klein

Anime counterpart Episode 9
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Kapitel 7: Cycle of Rebirth is the seventh chapter overall, and second chapter of Volume 2 of the 07 ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2005 in Japan, and March (date unknown) 2009 in North America. Its ISBNs are 978-4-7580-5225-2 and 978-1-60510-033-3 respectively.


The fight with Mikage and Frau continues on the Bridge of Trials, Ayanami, who is in control of half of Mikage's soul, recognises Frau as, Zehel, one of the Seven Ghosts, and calls him by his name. Upon hearing this, Teito remembers hearing the same from one of the sisters in the Church and believes he has come to help, as the sister had said the Ghosts appear to those in need.

Frau realises that Mikage's soul is being eaten by the Kor wing, and that it is impossible to save him. Teito does not realise this and begs for Mikage to be saved by the Ghost. Mikage goads Teito into taking revenge against the Barsburg Imperial Army, and then he throws himself against the scythe Zehel is wielding, which cuts his wing, thus killing himself. Ayanami, noticing the scythe Zehel wields, warns Frau that his scythe will soon return to him(Ayanami), so he must treat it with care until then. As Mikage begins to crumble away, Teito runs to him, and he and Teito share one last hug. As Ayanami lets Mikage's soul go, he realises why Miroku sent him after Teito.

Meanwhile, Teito remembers his friendship with Mikage and becomes depressed. Frau comforts him, and brings him Mikage's reincarnation, an orphaned Fyulong dragon that had fallen from its mother's nest. Frau notices the promise collar, and tries to remove it, but as he tries the collar bites him, meaning he has accidentally become Teito's master. Castor explains that if they are separated for more than 48 hours, the collar will explode.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "Of those that gazed upon me, none ever lived to tell the tale. I shall pass the God's Will unto you!" - Zehel to the possessed Mikage (Page 02/05)
  • "How is that sickle doing? You know it's fated to come back to me someday. So until then, handle it with care." - Ayanami/Verloren to Zehel/Frau about his Scythe (Page 09)
  • "Mikage's words always lingered in my heart. It's so strange. That time, my chest was burning up." - Teito Klein about Mikage during a confrontation with Shuri Oak (Page 19)
  • "...Always face forward. Walk toward the path of light." - Mikage (Page 20)
  • "Mikage must be happy to have protected you." - Frau about Mikage's third dream fulfilled (Page 24)
  • "Teito it's not your fault. It's mine. I couldn't protect either of you." - Frau's thought (Page 24)
  • "Hehehe...I feel very murderous suddenly." - Frau kidding over the promise collar (Page 30)

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