Kapitel 67
Tiashe (3)
General information
Volume number 11
Chapter number 67
Number of pages 24
Cover Phrase The light dwells within those unwavering eyes, with those hands, grasp the limitless future.
Cover Character(s) Zehel
Another ghost
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 67: Tiashe (3) is the sixty-seventh chapter overall, and the sixth and final chapter of Volume 11 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of January 2011 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5576-5.


Teito despairs over the deaths of Mark, Karan and Agas. He meets Ouka, who says that she does not want to kill anyone. Back in the laboratory, an official demands that she be stopped, viewing the destruction she has caused as a decrease in Barsburg's spoils of war. However, Nanase insists that the Raphael Project continue for a while longer. The official remains displeased and calls Nanase a fool, but Wakaba Oak interrupts, remarking that any reason would suffice for starting a war.

Teito reaches out towards Ouka, but she disappears, due to the scientists putting the Eye of Raphael on standby mode. As the scientists continue to experiment on Ouka, Fea Kreuz observes with dismay the destruction she has caused, and tends to Teito's injuries in an old church. Teito laments his (Teito's) inability to protect Mark, Karan and Agas, and Kreuz comforts him, telling him that he must not let go of the "baton of life" they entrusted him with. Kreuz and Teito hug as a cloaked figure approaches from behind them.

Moments later, as Hyuuga enters the old church and finds it empty, Kreuz and Teito note with surprise that they have been suddenly transported to a bright place full of flowers. Teito asks Kreuz if the place is heaven, but it turns out that Landkarte had brought them there. The other ghosts congratulate Landkarte on his "good work", and surround Kreuz and Teito, asking Kreuz to hand over Pandora's Box.

Quotes from this chapterEdit

  • "...Who are you? Are you the child fighting against me...? I...don't kill anyone..." (Ouka to Teito, pg 7)
  • "The amount of Zaiphon reserves in the Raggs continent is twice that of our empire' could say that it's a continent of gold...we will establish Zaiphon as our empire's new industry in the coming age, and monopolize the world's economy. That's right. To start a war, any reason would suffice." (Wakaba Oak, pg 9 to 10)
  • "Prince...prince, listen well. This is their pride. You have an important mission. To allow you to survive, they entrusted you with their lives and departed. You must not let go of this baton of your life which they entrusted you with." (Kreuz to Teito, pg 17 to 18)

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  • This is the second manga chapter in which Mikhail and Zehel appear together on the cover, the first being Kapitel 43.
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