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Kapitel 50
Paradise of Oblivion (2)
General information
Volume number 9
Chapter number 50
Number of pages 24
Cover Phrase NA
Cover Character(s) Labrador's Uncle
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 49
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Kapitel 50: Paradise of Oblivion (2) is the fiftieth chapter overall, and the third chapter of Volume 9 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of November 2009 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5466-9.


Various members of the cult led by Labrador's uncle are shown to become delusional, and Labrador's uncle smiles, saying to himself that thanks to his followers, he "can make a fine incense". Meanwhile, Lem continues to threaten Teito and Ouka, who notices that Lem has already frozen many others in ice, including Kururu, to Ouka's dismay. Lem then starts to attack them, but Teito uses a Baculus to defend them. Kururu is unfrozen and, together with Ouka and Teito, hides behind a large icicle.

Kururu informs Teito that Burupya managed to escape, and Teito is relieved to hear this. Kururu, Teito and Ouka discuss how to escape their icy prison, and Teito surmises that they will not be able to escape if they do not destroy Lem's "treasure". The scene changes to show Labrador's uncle addressing his followers, telling them that the Pope has committed suicide and that "God will be extinguished from this world." This causes his followers to panic, and he tells them that he can save them with his prophecies. They wholeheartedly believe him and begin to cheer.

Back in the icy prison, Teito and Ouka decide to destroy Lem's "collection". Labrador's uncle walks down a corridor and encounters Frau, who glares at him wordlessly. At that moment, there is a sudden explosion where Teito, Ouka and Lem are at, and when Labrador's uncle glances back down the corridor after the momentary distraction, Frau has disappeared.

Teito and Ouka begin destroying Lem's "collection", and Lem screams that what they are doing is "unforgivable". Ignoring his protests, Teito and Ouka continue, and Ouka gives Teito her Zaiphon, which is so concentrated that he feels ill after taking it. However, he quickly recovers and uses his Baculus again in another attempt to purify Lem's soul, but is still unable to. Lem says that he will never allow them to leave his paradise, for in order to protect his "treasure", they, too, must stay forever.

Quotes from this Chapter[]

  • "Now, give me your best smile because your last moment will last forever." (Lem to Teito and Ouka, pg 8)
  • "Today, I speak of a grave matter. Please listen carefully. The world is beginning to change. The Pope has committed suicide." (Labrador's uncle addressing his followers, pg 13)
  • "Descendant of darkness, atone for that sin and be sent to the great heavens." (Teito trying to purify Lem's soul, pg 23)

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