Kapitel 46
Kagome, Kagome
General information
Volume number 8
Chapter number 46
Number of pages 30
Cover Phrase Call the Wind-...
Cover Character(s) Frau
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 45
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Kapitel 46: Kagome, Kagome is the forty-sixth chapter overall, and the fifth chapter of Volume 8 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2009 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5415-7.


The chapter opens with several of the church’s orphans playing a game called ‘Seven Ghosts’. There was one person short and therefore, they decided to leave out ‘Vertrag’ because the tower was always closed anyway. Ouida and Kyle look on, and discuss why the Tower of Vertrag was always closed. It is then revealed that the Statue of Vertrag collapsed a few years ago, seemingly for no reason. The child playing Verloren then decided that he would ‘devour’ Profe, an ominous sign (Labrador, who is Profe, confronted Ayanami, who is Verloren, at the end of the previous chapter).

Ayanami attacks Labrador and compliments him for being so calm, even though he was about to be devoured. A wars entered the plants which Labrador used for combat and caught him around the neck, strangling him. Labrador makes a prediction, telling Verloren that ‘what he truly desired, he wouldn’t hold in his hands again’. This shocked Ayanami enough to give Labrador a chance to attack.

Labrador destroyed Ayanami’s right arm and bound him with flowers which would consume his darkness and allow him to lead a normal life as he (Labrador) did not wish to kill him. Verloren then takes over and catches hold of Labrador, drawing him into Ayanami’s deep psyche. Verloren experiences a flashback of when the seven ghosts were created and this distraction gave Castor enough time to push Labrador from Verloren and take the attack for him.

Castor lost his left arm and eye but Ayanami suffered similar injuries and so retreated. As Castor fell to the ground, the left side of the Statue of Fest (which had been devoured) also collapsed. Labrador deduces that Vertrag must also have been devoured.

Labrador then proceeds to heal the other bishop, who chides him for being naïve but admits that that is what he likes about him (Lab). Meanwhile, the Black Hawks return to the Barsburg Empire.

In the fifth district, it is revealed that Teito and Frau had hijacked a ship after knocking out the pilots. Teito realises that Vertrag’s cursed ticket was within him, and that to prevent Verloren's revival, he (Teito) must fight.

As they set course for the next god house, they hear a clang near the rear of the ship. They open the door to find Yukinami and Suzunami smiling up at them.

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