Kapitel 40
Kapitel 40.png
Lingering Snow
General information
Volume number 7
Chapter number 40
Number of pages 29
Cover Phrase NA
Cover Character(s) Labrador
Anime counterpart NA
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Kapitel 39
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Kapitel 41

Kapitel 40: Lingering Snow is the fortieth chapter overall, and the fifth chapter of Volume 7 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of November 2008 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5347-1.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Frau recalls one of Labrador's predictions, and modifies a Hawkzile in preparation for the predicted harsh conditions. Carl’s protests are interrupted when Teito Klein asks him where the toilets are (as Capella needs them). On the way there, they pass cells containing sklaves who are to be returned to the concentration camp. One of them calls out to Capella and this upsets him. Teito quickly becomes angry to which Carl replies that if he (Teito) wanted to stop slavery, then he would have to change the way of the Empire.

Soon, a formation of Fyulong dragons fly close to Carl’s ship, amazing many of the crew members who comment on what a rare sight this is. However, their amazement turns to horror when they realise that Burupya came from that parent’s pack. Mikage calls out to the Fyulong dragon, which roars, the sound destroying the ship and causing the creature powering the ship to faint.

Frau admits he lied about Mikage falling from his nest, but before Teito could get angry at him, several crew members fall out of the ship. Frau saves them using the Hawkzile, but Carl refuses to leave as that would mean he would have to abandon all the sklaves on his ship.

Teito flies the ship: exchanging Cathy’s hull energy with his own. However, a human’s level of Zaiphon can only support the aircraft whilst landing or taking off and so Teito decides to land. Using his zaiphon, Teito steers the aircraft though he cannot see through the clouds. Frau indicates that Teito should follow him and they pass through the mountains to land in front of Raggs Castle.

Teito runs off towards the castle as soon as the ship lands.

Characters in order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

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