Kapitel 3
General information
Volume number 1
Chapter number 3
Number of pages 31
Cover Phrase The reality that is reflected towards the sky... in this hand
Cover Character(s) Frau
Anime counterpart Episode 3
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Kapitel 3: Darkness is the third chapter of Volume 1 of the 07 ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of November 2005 in Japan, and November 29th 2008 in North America. Its ISBNs are 978-4-7580-5193-4 and 978-1-60510-032-6 respectively.


Teito, having earlier been given the 'Flower of Protection' by Bishop Labrador, falls under Castor's suspicion as Labrador had never given such a rare flower away to anyone. After being reunited with his best friend Mikage, Teito continues to live at the Barsburg Church and swears to look after Mikage as he rests.

Meanwhile, Castor becomes increasingly apprehensive at the sudden, unexplained appearance of Mikage and Labrador's odd behaviour, and he makes sure that Teito is always seen wearing the flower of protection just to be safe. Teito begins to feel more comfortable in the company of the nuns and Bishops, revealing his name to them, something which he had been too untrusting of them to do before. Reflecting on recent events, Teito himself begins to suspect something is amiss, when he is greeted by an elderly man.

Back at Hohburg Fortress, Ayanami is interrogated by the three admirals, Nabiki, Shiroki and Ogi, who blame him for Teito's escape from the academy. After Miroku jumps to Ayanami's defence, he reveals that he wanted Teito to become Ayanami's begleiter. Meanwhile, the old man Teito meets brings back some of Teito's memories, but the situation turns foul when the man turns out to be a Kor, and he is stopped from rushing towards Fea Kreuz by a mysterious figure, and the Bishops rush to his aid.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "Please become stronger...until the day you can walk on your own." - Fea Kreuz to Teito (Page 21)

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Differences between the manga and animeEdit

  • In the manga Teito and Mikage are reunited. This does not happen in the anime for a few more episodes.
  • All scenes with the three nuns, barring dinner, do not occur in the manga.
  • Aldo appears in the anime episode, but does not in the manga.
  • In the manga during dinner, Castor eats a flower, in the anime he eats flowering broccoli.
  • In the manga, Teito tells his name to the nuns and Bishops when asked. In the anime, he refuses.
  • Teito is cleaning and has a flashback of Mikage before he meets the old man in the anime. In the manga, there is no flashback, and Teito is walking instead of cleaning.
  • Teito's attempt to leave the Church, and the resulting fight between Teito and Frau does not happen in the manga.
  • When Teito speaks with the Old Man, he (the Old man) asks him to return at midnight for the wish. There is no such agreement in the manga.
  • The interrogation scene with Mikage does not occur in the manga.

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