Kapitel 23
The Bridge of Tribulation
General information
Volume number 4
Chapter number 23
Number of pages 31
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein

Hakuren Oak

Anime counterpart Episode 22
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Kapitel 23: The Bridge of Tribulation is the twenty-third chapter overall, and sixth chapter of Volume 4 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2007 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5290-0.


Teito and Hakuren reach the last challenge, which is to decide which one of them passes, as only one can walk through the door of the victor. Each boy thinks that the other deserves to pass more than himself, and the two old men they helped offer to give up, allowing them both to pass, but they go unheard. After writing an obscenity on the door as opposed to their names, Teito and Hakuren both decide to walk through the door of the defeated where Bishop Lance appears suddenly and tells them that their selfless solution made them both pass the exam.

Wade and Kyle fumble at the last challenge when Wade's greedy nature causes him to attack Kyle and take the door of victory. Kyle, however, passes because he was able to forgive his partner for his actions, and Liam and Ouida pass when they both run through the door of the defeated. They all enter the second part of the exam. Hakuren starts off by defeating a gigantic Kor and Teito faces his biggest enemy: Ayanami.

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Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • " go to the Winner's door. You left your home and studied for how many years to come here, right? I took this exam to protect my friend. So I want to protect you-!" _Teito (Page 05/06)
  • "Don't belittle me, do I look like the sort of person to abandon my best friend?" _Hakuren to Teito at the 100th question door (Page 06)
  • "I'm going to protect what's important to me!!" _Teito and Hakuren (Page 07)
  • "There are no winners, just companions to fight alongside. Comrades in arms." _Quote, inscribed at the wall in the Loser's door (Page 09)
  • "If I can't protect you, I can't protect anyone!" _Ouida to Liam (Page 14)
  • "Kind-hearted child of Raggs, please be careful of demons...that which pursues you is greater than anyone here." _warning, Former Assistant Archbishop to Teito Klein (Page 20/21)

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