Kapitel 22
The Final Door
General information
Volume number 4
Chapter number 22
Number of pages 30
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Two Ghosts
Teito Klein
Hakuren Oak
Anime counterpart Episode 21
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Kapitel 22: The Final Door is the twenty-second chapter overall, and fifth chapter of Volume 4 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2007 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5290-0.


As Teito tries to start his Zaiphon, the other candidates make fun of him and one of the Former Assistant Archbishops shouts for help and Ouida donates his Zaiphon to Teito. The exam starts and the aspirant bishops go through several challenges: the first to overcome their fear by fighting off a dark shadow that is the manifestation of fear. Teito and Hakuren march on ahead as other candidates fail, remarking on how the old men they met earlier are unfazed by the shadows.

The second test, is one on their biblical knowledge, where they must answer 100 questions in various situations, such as being chased by a monster, and being submerged in water alongside live Kor where they are to answer 50 questions whilst holding their breath. Teito saves a candidate who was drowning and confronts Lance and the other examiners on why they didn't help, for which he is deducted points for talking back, and the drowning candidates are disqualified.

Meanwhile, Castor and Frau talk about when they had their Bishop's exam, and it's revealed they were partners and that Castor failed the exam twice in a row because Frau did not revise for it. However, Frau is reminded of earlier when he and the other two Bishop's spoke with the Pope, who wishes to retrieve the Pandora's Box that was stolen by Fea Kreuz, and how Labrador's prediction, that the Eye of Mikhail will be separated from its master, came true despite their efforts.

Back at the exam hall, Teito and Hakuren have to walk a tightrope whilst fighting off the darkness from below and carrying the two old men. After narrowly avoiding falling to their deaths after a Wars chews the rope so that it snaps they reach the last challenge. They must fight each other and the victor must walk through the door of the victor, as only one member of the pair is allowed to pass the exam.

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Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "Until I came to the Church, I always had to walk the rail set by the people around me. But this is different. I chose my own path." _Hakuren/Teito, thought (Page 07/08)
  • "Don't do something unnecessary! That sort of thing would have no meaning!" _Hakuren getting angry at the Kor which tried to tempt him (Page 19)
  • "My hand isn't to grasp nothingness...right now, it's to grasp the precious things that are with me." _Teito, thought (Page 20)
  • "I only wish to not mistake what's important, Bishop Lance." _Teito, after saving his drowning competitors (Page 22)
  • "Hakuren, don't be impatient since my hand will always reach you." _Teito assuring Hakuren while crossing the bridge (Page 28)

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