Kapitel 19
Nightmare (10)
General information
Volume number 4
Chapter number 19
Number of pages 29
Cover Phrase An instant's overture that echoes in the distant...
Cover Character(s) Ayanami
Anime counterpart Episode 20
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Kapitel 19: Nightmare (part 10) is the nineteenth chapter overall, and second chapter of Volume 4 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2007 in Japan. Its ISBN is 978-4-7580-5290-0.


As Frau is unable to get to the scene in time to save Teito and Hakuren, Ayanami prepares to retrieve Kuroyuri and Haruse from the Church, who have captured the host of the Eye of Mikhail. Hakuren, who has been transported along with Teito by accident, confronts the two Black Hawks members until Haruse knocks him unconscious, and the two Warsfeil escape with the pair. 

While they are flying, Hakuren wakes up and blows the Hawkzile apart, and he and the incapacitated Teito are rescued by Frau. As Frau pours holy water on Teito to weaken the Wars, they are pursued by soldiers from the Army. Teito wishes to kill Ayanami, and as their transport flies towards the Ribidzile where Ayanami is, Hyuuga destroys their Hawkzile. Frau hijacks another as he falls, and Castor saves Hakuren.

Teito battles with Kuroyuri as he falls but Haruse intervenes, ignoring Ayanami's and Kuroyuri's protests, and removes the Eye from Teito at the cost of his (Haruse's) soul. The energy released from the Eye causes a large explosion that destroys two Ribidziles and most of the mountain below. As the Eye of Mikhail and Teito (now separated) fall, Hyuuga and Frau speed after them.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "Please cease your concern with this cheap friendship. After all, the world he resides in is different from yours." - Haruse to Hakuren before knocking him unconscious (Page 05)
  • "I heard that the Eye of Mikhail works relative to the amount of willpower the owner has. Because Teito's heart was weak, the Wars was able to infiltrate it. For a soldier, he's pretty green." - Kuroyuri about why they managed to capture Teito. (Page 05)
  • "With this I'll perform my last duty. I will become one with you and return you to the military." - Haruse to Teito (Page 19)
  • "My Master, there is no time...your soul is dying...only you are my chosen master, who possesses a beautiful heart. When the dawn comes that you have become much stronger, I'll definitely be there to greet you...your cherished memories, somehow, remember them." - Mikhail before parting with Teito (Page 20/21)
  • "Are you by chance Zehel? Aya-tan is going to take everything that's precious to you. ☆" - Hyuuga (Page 29)

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Differences between the manga and animeEdit

  • In the manga, it is Hyuuga who cuts down Frau's Hawkzile. In the anime, it is Kuroyuri.
  • As Hakuren falls from his Hawkzile in the manga, he is saved by Castor. In the anime he hijacks the Hawkzile of a Barsburg soldier.
  • In the manga, Mikhail sprouts wings from his back and tries to fly to safety. In the anime, this does not occur.

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