Kapitel 16
Nightmare (7)
General information
Volume number 3
Chapter number 16
Number of pages 30
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Teito Klein

Hakuren Oak
Guardians of the Bridge of Trials

Anime counterpart Episode 17
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Kapitel 16: Nightmare (part 7) is the sixteenth chapter overall, and fifth chapter of Volume 3 of the 07-Ghost manga series.

The volume was released on the 25th of November 2006 in Japan, and the 10th of May 2009 in North America. Its ISBNs are 978-4-7580-5261-0 and 978-1-60510-034-0 respectively.


The Black Hawks prepare to leave for battle as Teito and Hakuren investigate the scene of the crime. As Teito meets the Guardians, Hakuren strikes a dark figure that appears behind Teito, but it is revealed to be Bastien, who is also searching for clues. When questioned, Bastien reveals his past with Frau, but leaves when his shift ends. Noticing the tainted Baculus, Hakuren realises that the Warsfeil within the Church was Bastien, and the two rush to Bastien's room to confront him. Evading the guards, the pair discover a secrete passageway where Bastien awaits them. He attacks Teito for treason against the Barsburg King for escaping with the Eye of Mikhail. When Hakuren intervenes, Bastien holds him captive and threatens to kill him if Teito does not surrender himself.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "A naughty child who wasn't suited to be a clergyman...But he had a surprising control over his Zaiphon...He was truly an extremely gifted child sent by God..." - Bastien about Frau as a child (Page 06/08)
  • "My God is dead. If prayers cannot bring about miracles, there is no worth in them." - child Frau (Page 09)
  • "He had forbade himself to look to God for help, so in that small chest, he kept all of his sadness locked away and suffered in silence alone." - Bastien on Frau's true pain (Page 10)
  • "...I would feel slightly lighter and my heart...I was just hoping that these people will get another chance to be happy..." - child Frau's reason for exterminating Kors (Page 11)
  • "Frau, that is what a prayer really is..." - Bastien's reply to the child Frau's sentiments (Page 12)
  • "I wanted to fight to the end too. I wanted them to take me along with them, no matter where they went..." - Frau longing to have been with his comrades until the end (Page 12)
  • "From now on, you will always have me by your side." - Bastien, promise to the child Frau (Page 13)
  • "I will believe in the road I think is right." - Frau (Page 16)
  • "Because of this assurance, I can retire in peace...My dear child, may God watch over you." - Bastien blessing Frau (Page 16)
  • "This is my justice..." - Bastien, justifying his cause (Page 28)

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