Kapitel 10
Nightmare (1)
General information
Volume number 2
Chapter number 10
Number of pages 34
Cover Phrase In the profound darkness, turn on the light
Cover Character(s) Frau
Anime counterpart Episode 12
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Kapitel 10: Nightmare (part 1) is the tenth chapter overall, and fifth chapter of Volume 2 of the 07-Ghost manga series. This chapter marks the beginning of the Nightmare arc.

The volume was released on the 25th of May 2005 in Japan, and March (date unknown) 2009 in North America. Its ISBNs are 978-4-7580-5225-2 and 978-1-60510-033-3 respectively.


A depressed man is stopped in the street by a fortune teller who grants him three wishes in exchange for his soul. The man agrees, leaves with his wishes and begins to use them up, wishing for money, a woman and freedom, but the wishes turn him into a monster when he bludgeons his girlfriend to death. When he has used them, the fortune teller returns and takes his soul.

Meanwhile, Teito and his new rival Hakuren Oak get off to a rough start, greeting each other with insults. While Teito pursues Burupya, who has climbed onto Hakuren's head, he stumbles across Bastien exorcising a Kor. Meanwhile, the man from before had become a Wars and tries to attack his former colleagues, but he is destroyed by Frau and his scythe. Whilst being shown to his room, Teito discovers his room mate is Hakuren, and when going to the practice hall the receptionist there suddenly collapses.

After taking him to the infirmary, Teito and Hakuren arrive at the practice hall with Hakuren demonstrating his skill with a Baculus, and Teito struggling at first. However, when thinking of Mikage, Teito floods the device with power so that he breaks the Baculus and the barrier. The Baculus Teito used is revealed to be Frau's, which makes Hakuren furious that Teito did not know how skilled Frau was while using his Baculus. Meanwhile, Aldo, the receptionist, is murdered by a mysterious figure.

Quotes from this ChapterEdit

  • "As for you...Remember the value of living a human life." - Frau (Page 16)
  • "The spirit of affection and service are the first steps of serving God." (Page 18)
  • "This is a mark left by the layers of blood shed by the efforts of those aiming for the clergy." - Teito, thought (Page 19)
  • "When you give it your feelings, it will definitely respond." - Hakuren about using the bascule (Page 27)
  • "At that exceed the Zaiphon limit of the bascule...A troublesome child..." - Bastien regarding Teito's capabilities

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