Kai-Kai Bugs
カイカイ虫 Kaikai Mushi
Teito reminiscing about the Kai-kai bug
General information
Appearance Insect
Habitat Dirty/unhygienic environment
Status Unknown
Uses Parasite
Anime NA
Manga Kapitel 36 (mentioned only)

Kai-Kai bugs are a type of insect that Fea Kreuz Raggs told Teito Klein about, as revealed in a flashback.[1] When Teito was a child and refused to take a bath, Kreuz said that Kai-Kai bugs would crawl into Teito's body. In turn, Teito warned Capella about this when he refused to take a bath.

However, their existence in the series is debatable, as Kreuz could have just been making it all up in order to trick Teito into taking a bath as Frau had never heard of Kai-Kai bugs before.


If they are indeed real, Kai-Kai bugs can be assumed to thrive in dirty or unhygienic conditions.



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