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  • 25th Jan: Japan has released Kapitel 93.
  • Chapter 91 is now available online. The 07-Ghost wiki gives its thanks to ❦❦ Tiramisu and Strawberry ❦❦.
  • A non-password protected file containing chapter 92 spoilers has been posted online: The 07-Ghost wiki gives its thanks to Hyuuaya.

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Latest chapter: Confession

Kapitel 86

The Research Department of the Barsburg empire struggles with the vast damage dealt on their Labs by the earlier events as Teito is confronted by Ea who states his admiration towards the Raggs Prince's unpredictability and courage leading to the release of Raphael from generations of brainwashing. Here, Ea also revealed that he had been Kal and had since then protected Teito though his means had been somewhat rough. Mikhail then asks Teito's permission to have a word with a tearfully grateful Raphael who had taken over Ouka.

Latest episode: The heart is lead by the truth on the other side...

Episode 25

Teito and Ayanami are still in the centre of the earth. Teito battles with Ayanami but does not manage to land a blow. When the Eye of Mikhail is revealed, Teito uses it's power to send everyone to Pandora's Box. Ayanami observes the situation and then orders the Black Hawks to retreat. Both groups start to battle, until Ayamani splits the bonds, and he and the rest of the Black Hawks disappear through a portal Kuroyuri summoned. The Bishop's and Teito also leave.



Eyefish are a type of small, freshwater dwelling fish native to (very common and only found in) the 7th District. Eyefish are fish that look like an eyeball with fins. Like most fish, they are eaten - despite their uncanny resemblance to a human eye. They are considered a delicacy within District 7 and are used as a substitute for meat within the church grounds.
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Cover art for the Seventh Distict Drama CD

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Young Frau and Bastien

Frau: Are you going to die someday too?
Bastien: ...that's why this time during which we are together is for you to remember fondly...

—Young Frau and Bastien, Vol 03, Chp 17, Nightmare part 08, Page 19

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