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  • 25th Jan: Japan has released Kapitel 93.
  • Chapter 91 is now available online. The 07-Ghost wiki gives its thanks to ❦❦ Tiramisu and Strawberry ❦❦.
  • A non-password protected file containing chapter 92 spoilers has been posted online: The 07-Ghost wiki gives its thanks to Hyuuaya.

January 2013

Kapitel 94

Teito is shown to be sinking into darkness, where he sees Eve, who leads him to Landkarte. Teito finds Landkarte and frees him, encouraging him to move forward. While climbing a set of stairs, Landkarte and Teito meet Karu, who comforts Landkarte. After the help Teito has given him, Landkarte gives Teito his cursed ticket and leaves Teito alone with Karu. Karu and Teito talk for a while before Karu smiles at Teito and gently pats his head as a final farewell, before going to heaven with Landkarte.

Episode 25

Teito and Ayanami are still in the centre of the earth. Teito battles with Ayanami but does not manage to land a blow. When the Eye of Mikhail is revealed, Teito uses it's power to send everyone to Pandora's Box. Ayanami observes the situation and then orders the Black Hawks to retreat. Both groups start to battle, until Ayamani splits the bonds, and he and the rest of the Black Hawks disappear through a portal Kuroyuri summoned. The Bishop's and Teito also leave.


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Ribizile are first-class military aircraft used for carrying large amounts of soldiers to any given location. Like the Hawkzile, it uses a dragon. The dragon used for the Ribidzile resembles a Fyulong.
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Tajio's Father

Tajio's father is a nameless minor character who only appeared in a single episode of the 07 Ghost anime series. He does not appear in the manga. Tajio's father is the fourth character in the anime that is possessed by a Kor.
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Labrador's Candy flowers

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Teito and Ayanami

You're always sneering at me and trampling me underfoot.

—Teito Klein on Ayanami, Kapitel 38

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