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Heavenly Birds
テンカイノトリ Tenkai no tori
Heavenly birds
Heavenly birds as they appear in the manga
General information
Appearance Avian
Habitat Heaven
Status Native to Heaven
Uses Unknown
Anime NA
Manga Kapitel 53

Heavenly Birds are a type of bird that have been shown in flashbacks of Verloren and Eve


They are small and round, with light-coloured, tufty head feathers (absent in the juvenile form [1]) and a small circle on their foreheads. Their eyes are always seen closed and their heads are disproportionately large, being almost the same size as their bodies.


They seem to be perpetually sleepy, or at least not very energetic, as their eyes are always closed and most of the time, they simply perch on tree branches or signboards without actively doing anything. They are apparently comfortable in or at least indifferent to the presence of the gods. [2]


They reside solely in Heaven, and apparently prefer to dwell in the forests of heaven. [3]


  • A Heavenly Bird can be seen under Hyuuga's leg on the cover page of Kapitel 89, even though Hyuuga isn't a heavenly being. This could be a reference to Hyuuga almost dying after hs fight with Katsuragi and Hyuuga's connection to Ayanami, who is the reincarnation of the death god Verloren.


  1. A chick on the cover of Kapitel 97 is shown to have no head feathers
  2. They were often seen near Verloren and Eve.
  3. Many of them appeared in the forest where Eve first met Verloren.
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