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This article is about the event. For the manga chapter, see Kapitel 59

The Hawkzile Race is a prestigious yet highly dangerous race that is held every two years in the Barsburg Empire. As the name of the event suggests, participants are required to race in Hawkziles. Teito and Frau were

Route of the Hawkzile Race

contestants in the race, but were eventually unable to finish due to Teito being taken away and brought back to the military by Ayanami halfway through. Carl, a slave trader whom Teito and Frau had met earlier in the story, and his brother Parl, also participated in the race.

The race is so dangerous that previous participants have died while competing, and is particularly dangerous when participants enter the mountains because the extremely low temperature can cause participants to die of frostbite, and snowstorms and blizzards can cut off footage, making it impossible to know the conditions and whereabouts of participants. However, this does not deter people from entering the race, as the winner stands to win one hundred million yuus (Barsburg currency) in prize money, an attractive prize to many.


  • Katsuragi (current) had an interest in recording the Hawkzile Race.
  • Teito's and Frau's aliases while participating in the Hawkzile race were G. Pink Prince and S. Masochist Soldier respectively.
  • Ouka, her three ladies-in-waiting, and Hakuren were all spectators at the Hawkzile race.
  • The port town Neal is the starting point of the Hawkzile race.