ホークザイル Hookuzairu
A Barsburg soldier riding a Hawkzile.
Purpose Transportation
Owner(s) Various
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Hawkzile is one of the most common methods of transport in the 07 ghost series. Due to the continents being afloat, the primary method of transport is by flight, and the Hawkzile is common and easily accessible. It is a species of dragon that has been saddled with armour, being especially popular with Sky Pirates. The species of dragon it uses is known as the Wendi Skyrunner.

Overview Edit

The Hawkzile is mainly moved by the animal, but there are several backup engines at the back of the Hawkzile to help the dragon take off and land, and in case the dragon is injured mid-flight. The Hawkzile, though designed for one, appears to be able to carry up to three adults, and can reach high speeds, being able to cross District 6, the largest continent, in a day.

The armour on the dragon appears to be fairly lightweight, with a pointed hood, a stabiliser in the shape of a bird's tail, and no window screen for protection. It doesn't appear to have any seatbelts, and quite a few characters have fallen off one because of this.

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