Hausen Family
ハウゼン家 Hauzenke
Butler of Hausen House
Biographical information
Nationality Raggs [1]
Current Head of House Xingfa Hausen
Political information
Position Nobility
One of the Seven Houses of God
Assassins for the Raggs Family (pre-Raggs War)
Assassins for the Barsburg Family (post-Raggs War)
Home Hausen House (District 6)
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Hausen Family is a noble family living in Hausen House, which is one of the Seven Houses of God and located in District 6. They are the blood descendants of Fest, thus, members of the Hausen Family can be reincarnated as Fest.


When the Ghost Fest was first sent down to the human world, it was tied to a human body (its vessel). Being human, this vessel lived a relatively normal, human life, having a human family, and the Hausen family are the blood descendants of the original Ghost Fest.

The Hausen family are known for being highly trained assassins. Before Barsburg's war with Raggs, the Hausen family were tasked with stopping anyone from threatening the lives of the royalty of Raggs. After the Raggs kingdom was destroyed, they began working for the royalty of Barsburg, although their loyalty arguably still ultimately lies with Raggs, as they formed a good relationship with Raggs prince Teito Klein and were willing to defend him from the Imperial Guard.

During the Raggs War, the Hausen family sided with Raggs. After Raggs was defeated, the God Houses which had sided with Raggs instead of Barsburg offered to kill the heads of their own clans so that the Emperor of Barsburg would spare the clans.

Xing-lu, the thirteenth Head of the Hausen family, was ready to be sacrificed, but his father, Xingfa, would not allow it. He planned to kill Razette, a Noel Mermaid who could change her face into Xing-lu's, in his only son's place. Xing-lu jumped in front of the blade to protect Razette and was killed by the blow. As Xing-lu died, the Ghost Fest appeared before him and Xing-lu became the vessel of Fest. After that, Xing-lu used a new name, Castor, and Xingfa became the Head of the Hausen family again after his son's death.

Family MembersEdit


  • A recurring physical characteristic of male blood members of the Hausen family is red or reddish hair.
  • Short-sightedness is a recurring physical characteristic among young male blood Hausens.
  • The appearance of female blood Hausens is unknown. Xingfa's wife is a Hausen by marriage and not by birth, and no other female Hausens were shown.


  1. Manga chapter 26 shows that District 6 was a part of the Raggs kingdom

Family TreeEdit

         (Many generations)
     │                         │                           
  Unknown                  Unknown───┬───Unknown
     │                               │
Raggs War Fest                 Xingfa Hausen───┬───Lady HausenXing-lu Hausen   Seilan   Razette
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