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Haruse's Roommate
Name unknown Name unknown
Rsz q15.jpg
Haruse's roommate as he appears in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Possibly Barsburg
Gender Male
Age Presumably late teens to early twenties
Birthday Unknown
Height Estimated 180 to 185 cm [1]
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Soldier in the Barsburg Armed Forces
Affiliation Barsburg Empire

Barsburg Armed Forces

Manga Platonic Cafe (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Haruse's Roommate is an unnamed minor character who only appeared in the side chapter Platonic Cafe. He shared a room with Haruse before Haruse joined the Black Hawks.


Physical appearance[]

Haruse's roommate is a tall man with short, spiky dark hair, wide eyes, a round face and an upturned nose. His weight is unknown but he appears to have a slender build.


He wears the typical Barsburg soldier's uniform, a black, or dark blue, ankle-length overcoat with gold trimming on the chest, sleeve cuffs and neck guard, as well as black, knee-length, buckled boots and white gloves. He may wear a plain white shirt under the overcoat.


He was friendly and helpful towards Haruse, but was very fearful and wary of Warsfeil


HaruseThe two men got along well, with his roommate giving him several tips and advice, also drinking the Sky Blue Sauce given to Haruse by Kuroyuri to protect him, but seemed to have no further contact with each other after Haruse moved out of the room they had been sharing and joined the Black Hawks. Haruse's roommate's fear and dislike of Warsfeil, and Haruse's current status as a created Warsfeil, may have resulted in a deteriorated relationship between them.


Early childhood[]

Nothing is known about his early years. He may have been born and raised in the Barsburg Empire. It is possible that he attended Barsburg Military Academy.


At some point in his life, he enlisted in the Barsburg Armed Forces and began sharing a room with Haruse. He is implied to have somewhat more military experience than Haruse.

Manga synopsis[]

Haruse's roommate is first seen observing Haruse's preparation of a meal for Kuroyuri, and talking about adjusting to life in the Barsburg military. After he sees Haruse about to drink Kuroyuri's poisonous 'Blue Sky Liquid' in an attempt to understand Kuroyuri's dietary preferences, he panics and tries to take it away from Haruse, only for Haruse to accidentally pour some of the liquid down his throat. He then promptly passes out, to Haruse's shock.

Later, he sees Haruse talking to Kuroyuri, and becomes frightened. When Haruse returns to their room, he agitatedly explains to Haruse that Kuroyuri is a Warsfeil and a member of the Black Hawks. However, Haruse decides to remain Kuroyuri's friend and soon joins the Black Hawks. Haruse's roommate has not been seen again since, suggesting that he fell out of touch with Haruse and/or Haruse's new affiliation with the Black Hawks caused him to dislike Haruse.


  1. He is only somewhat shorter than Haruse.