Hakuren's Mother
Name unknown Name unknown
Hakuren's mother as she appears in the anime.
Aliases Oka-san/Mother (by Hakuren)
Species Human
Nationality Probably Barsburg
Gender Female
Age Estimated 35-57
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Hakuren's Father (husband)
Hakuren Oak (son)
Wakaba Oak (brother-in-law)
Unnamed female in-law
Shuri Oak (nephew)
Raggs War Relikt
Other members of the Oak Family
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation The Barsburg Empire

Oak Family

Manga Kapitel 12 (only appearance)
Anime Episode 14 (only appearance)
Japanese Unknown

Hakuren's Mother is a nameless, minor character who is the mother of Hakuren Oak, and a member of the Oak Family through marriage to Hakuren's Father. She has not been seen in person in the series so far, only being seen in Hakuren's flashbacks.


Physical appearanceEdit

Hakuren's mother is tall and slim. Her face is heart-shaped with a pointy chin and slender jaw, her skin is a pale peach colour, and she has a long, thin nose, as well as a large mouth with full lips. Her eyes are large with long eye-lashes and purple in colour. Her hair is a light blonde and long enough to reach her mid-back, though usually held in a bun, and with a short fringe parted in the middle. Hakuren greatly resembles her in appearance.


When first seen, she is wearing a pink nightgown with the collar turned up while she lay ill in bed. When she recovered from the Kor mark which had been placed on her, she wears a long, light blue dress with puffy shoulders, long sleeves and a high collar with a small, red jewel on her collar bone.


Put your best foot forward and accomplish whatever you wish to do.

—Hakuren's mother's final words to her son.

She appears to be very kind and understanding, as she hugs her son and supports his pursuing his dream, despite it not being a conventional Oak career, and has said that she will wait for him to return a man. Despite being mistreated by her husband, Hakuren's mother is a dutiful, faithful and long-suffering wife.



Hakuren OakEdit

I will always be here waiting for the day you become a great man.

—Hakuren's mother, supporting her son.

Hakuren's mother is very close to her son, as he stayed by her bed when she was ill, and prayed for God to help her. She was very supportive of her son's decision to become a Bishop, and was shown wishing him farewell when he left.

Hakuren once described her as 'a flower'.[1]

Her husbandEdit

The marriage between Hakuren's mother and her husband appears to be arranged, and they do not appear to be particularly close, as her husband did not appear concerned for her health when she was ill and willing to jeopardise her health for the sake of the family name.

Hakuren says his father would have divorced his mother if it was not so scandalous for the Oak family name.

Her brother-in-law and his wife

Hakuren's mother does not appear to be at all close to Wakaba and Shuri's mother, as she (Hakuren's mother) did not attend Wakaba's funeral, and has never been shown interacting with either Wakaba or his wife.



As she is married into the wealthy Oak Family it is highly likely that she is from a noble family herself, as her husband had said it is important for an Oak to have a good bride.


It is very likely that her marriage to Hakuren's Father was arranged, and at one point she gave birth to a son, Hakuren. It is unknown if she has a job, and if so what it is, though it is possible that she is a politician.[2]



Hakuren's mother when taken by a Kor.

When her son was still a young child, she made a deal with a Kor, and became ill from it. It is unknown what her three wishes were, but to protect the Oaks' good reputation, her husband had her locked in her room so that no one would know about it. Her husband refused to take her to the Church because the exorcism is witnessed by the public, which means the secret will be publicized, and even slapped his son on hearing him suggest this. Her son, Hakuren, prayed for her to get better and one day, a travelling Bishop (later revealed to be Frau) came to their house and healed her.

Hakuren's journeyEdit

When Hakuren decided he will leave his family and pursue a job in the clergy, she is later seen wishing him goodbye, telling him she waits for the day he becomes a great man.


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Manga synopsisEdit

Hakuren's mother's only appearance is during a flashback, though Hakuren does occasionally mention her throughout the manga series. In the manga, she is also once seen in a photo that Hakuren keeps. Hakuren also mentions her on one of the drama CDs.


  • Considering her physical features, there is a chance that she is from other branches of the Oak family. If so, that would mean that Hakuren's father married within the Oak family, possibly for the purpose of keeping his fortune within the family.
  • While her three wishes are unknown, it is possible that she wished for a way to escape her unhappy marriage.


  1. Supreme Sugar 03
  2. It is a family tradition for Oaks to become either politicians or soldiers, but there seem to be very few females in the Barsburg army. This suggests that female Oaks tend to become politicians.

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