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Volume number NA
Chapter number NA
Number of pages 7
Cover Phrase None
Cover Character(s) Frau
Anime counterpart NA
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Godfather is a side chapter in the 07-Ghost manga series. 


Frau falls from the sky, having jumped from his Hawkzile. When he is about halfway between the sky and the ground, he whistles for his Hawkzile and lands safely, then returns to the ground and asks Teito (who had been cooking with the use of a campfire) if the food is ready yet. Teito admonishes Frau for playing "dangerous games", to which Frau replies that never forgetting a child's desire to play is part of being a "good adult".

Teito curiously asks if Frau played like that when he was a child and Frau replies in the affirmative. Frau then mentions that he had a friend who would often push him off Hawkziles, and Teito correctly guesses that he is referring to Guido. Teito asks if Guido was from Raggs, but Frau states that he didn't know Guido's nationality and explains that Guido often crossed paths with people of different nationalities, so he began to learn the Language of Raggs

Frau has a flashback of Guido, reflecting that after Guido died, he thought he wouldn't wish for anything any more, but became a bishop because even if he cries and lives for himself, life is just painful and empty; and he is sure that Guido is laughing somewhere in Heaven. As Frau thinks about Guido, Teito asks Frau to speak in the Raggs language. Frau teasingly replies in the Raggs language that he can't speak it at all. Teito becomes excited and demands that Frau speak in the Raggs language again, to Frau's amusement. Frau then walks away with Teito and the reincarnated Mikage chasing after him. The chapter ends with Frau silently remarking that he has come to understand Guido's life a little more.


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