Flower of Protection
シュゴノハナ Shugo no hana
The silver rose, as it appears in the anime.
Purpose Protective charm [1]
Owner(s) Labrador
Teito Klein
People who need protection
Manga Kapitel 2
Anime Episode 2

The Flower of Protection (also known as the Silver rose[2]) is a name given to the silver rose that grows in the gardens of the Barsburg Church and is cultivated by Bishop Labrador. 


The flower of protection resembles a large white rose with a purple tint to the petals. The leaves are thin with pointed strips at each side of the base, and an emerald green in colour. It is a very rare flower, and also very valuable, as Castor and Frau are shocked when they learn Labrador had given such a flower away.[3]


The silver rose given to Teito


In Kapitel 3, Labrador gives the flower of protection to Teito after sensing that something bad was going to happen to him. The rose protects Teito in a fight against the Old Man Kor, when Teito was about to touch the dead, as its petals scatter around Teito and breaks the 'image' of Fea Kreuz.

In the anime, it also falls out of his hand while he was walking and he spots Mikage while picking it up. It apparently only works when worn.[4]


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