Flower of Eden
エデンの花 Eden no hana
Flowers of Eden
Flowers of Eden as they appear in Heaven in the manga
General information
Appearance Large enough to devour a human
Snow-like petals [1]
Habitat Heaven (originally)
The mortal world (currently)
Status Rare (forbidden)
Uses Takes away dead people's suffering (originally)
Forbidden flower that should not blossom (currently)
Anime NA
Manga Kapitel 52

The Flower of Eden is a mystical white flower that, according to legend, is able to cure any illness and make any sadness go away. It played an important role in Labrador's backstory. Lem, a childhood friend of Labrador's, sought a cure for his sickly younger sister Lirin's terminal illness, and asked Labrador's uncle for help. Labrador's uncle mentioned the Flower of Eden, and Lem rushed to Labrador to ask the latter about it. Labrador only smiled and nodded.

A few days later, a sealed letter filled with petals reached Lem. The letter said, 'If you burn these petals as incense, Lirin would definitely be happy.' Lem did as the letter instructed and for a while, Lirin seemed to be getting better. However, Labrador was devoured by the Flower of Eden, which turned out to be a forbidden flower that should not blossom, and his body mutated into a plant-like being. His greenhouse was sealed off from the public by the Imperial Guard. Lirin herself eventually died as well.

Later in the series, it was revealed that Verloren created the Flower of Eden. He explained to Eve that he used the petals of the Flower of Eden to take away dead people's suffering when he led them to purgatory. While Eve thought this indicated kindness on Verloren's part, Verloren claimed that with the fear of death removed, people would be more willing to die, which presumably would make his job easier.


  • In the Christian Bible, Eden was a paradise inhabited by Adam and Eve, the first humans, until they ate of the forbidden fruit, the trigger for sin entering the world.
  • It is unknown whether the Flower of Eden has any connection to the tavern 'Eden' on the floating island F-31, though it seems coincidental or unlikely.
  • A field of Flowers of Eden was the goddess Eve's burial grounds.
  • Considering that it first existed in heaven and that its original purpose was good, it was probably changed into a tool for evil when Verloren fell from Heaven.


  1. Eve described Flower of Eden petals as 'pretty, just like snow'.
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